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Staying informed

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The people of Christchurch are at the heart of this infrastructure rebuild.

It's our responsibility to keep you informed about what's happening in your neighbourhood.

It's not all about us talking to you – of course we must also listen. There are many ways to contact us and consult with us directly.

Here's how you can keep in touch with what we're doing:

  • you will receive information in your letterbox before scheduled work begins in your neighbourhood. Please note that we may not always be able to notify you before emergency work.
  • take away printed information from one of our information stands in key locations around Christchurch
  • sign up for the Stronger Christchurch e-newsletter and we'll email you the latest updates
  • on our website (you're already here)
  • follow @SCIRT_info on Twitter, where we tweet the latest news
  • we put large update and information notices in mainstream and community newspapers
  • we regularly produce media releases for media outlets to broadcast
  • every fortnight, we place updates in mainstream newspapers.

Factsheets are available on this site in English, and also translated to Chinese, Korean, and Samoan. Our information stands hold printed English language factsheets. Printed translated factsheets are available at these places:

  • Aranui Community Trust
  • Christchurch Migrants Centre