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Our Board

SCIRT's Board is the board of directors for the Alliance. It is made up of executive managers from both owner and non-owner participant organisations. The Board provides direction to SCIRT's Management Team.

  • Chief Operating Officer, Fulton Hogan

    Fulton Hogan has been in the thick of the response work from those very first minutes following the September quake. Our stalwart team has been working throughout the city doing “whatever it takes”, to ensure the safety of the people of Christchurch. I am deeply proud of our people and their continued commitment to the cause. Fulton Hogan through our late CEO Bill Perry was instrumental in forming the alliance and we remain firmly focused on playing our role. As a member of the SCIRT Board and as a resident of Christchurch I am committed seeing this through and bringing Christchurch back to its former glory. Together, we will rebuild our city.

  • Chief Executive Officer, City Care Ltd

    Having personally been involved in the earthquake emergency response, and working over the last three years on restoring water and wastewater services and maintaining the roading network for the citizens of Christchurch, I am dedicated to seeing the reconstruction of the city through to completion and greatly value the opportunity to do so.  As a fanatical citizen of Christchurch I want to do everything possible to rebuild our great city.

  • Transitional Manager, Council Facilities & Infrastructure Rebuild, Christchurch City Council

    Like many in our community I have been wrestling with the impacts of the Canterbury earthquakes since 4 September 2010. I'm proud to say that we have established a world class delivery framework for the rebuild in the form of SCIRT and I relish the opportunity to be part of it. I am passionate about the rebuild such that people have security and confidence in the future of Christchurch.

  • General Manager, McConnell Dowell Constructors Ltd.

    McConnell Dowell has a proud history of working in the Canterbury region – a large number of our people live and work here. I feel for the people of Christchurch and in particular for those who have suffered so much from the earthquakes. I have a strong personal motivation to be part of a team that restores the quality of life for Christchurch people as quickly as possible.

  • Chief Executive Officer, Downer NZ

    It is very important for the people of the Canterbury community and New Zealand’s economy that we rebuild Christchurch as quickly and cost effectively as possible. This is the challenge presented to the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team and one that I am confident that it will deliver on. This is a unique opportunity that I am proud to be associated with that will demonstrate the strength and resilience of the New Zealand character to step up and collaborate when it matters most.

  • General Manager - Infrastructure, The Fletcher Construction Company Ltd.

    The establishment of an alliance to rebuild Christchurch’s infrastructure is a bold undertaking for a devastated city.  Fletcher is used to such challenges, and has committed its experience, skills and resources to help the people and communities in Christchurch recover from the earthquake damage.  I strongly believe that the collaboration fostered by this alliance and the dedication of the whole team will deliver rebuilt, resilient infrastructure to restore Christchurch’s economic well-being and community vibrancy.

  • General Manager Operations, CERA


  • Regional Director Southern, NZTA