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Our Board

SCIRT's Board is the board of directors for the Alliance. It is made up of executive managers from both owner and non-owner participant organisations. The Board provides direction to SCIRT's Management Team.

  • Chief Executive Officer, City Care Ltd, Chair of the SCIRT Board

    Having personally been involved in the earthquake emergency response, and working over the last three years on restoring water and wastewater services and maintaining the roading network for the citizens of Christchurch, I am dedicated to seeing the reconstruction of the city through to completion and greatly value the opportunity to do so.  As a fanatical citizen of Christchurch I want to do everything possible to rebuild our great city.

  • General Manager, McConnell Dowell Constructors Ltd.

    McConnell Dowell has a proud history of working in the Canterbury region – a large number of our people live and work here. I feel for the people of Christchurch and in particular for those who have suffered so much from the earthquakes. I have a strong personal motivation to be part of a team that restores the quality of life for Christchurch people as quickly as possible.

  • Executive General Manager - Civil, Fulton Hogan

    I’m sure I speak for the majority when I say we joined the civil industry as it genuinely can make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. No one present at the time will ever forget the devastating impact the earthquake series of 2010 and 2011. However, the collective energy of SCIRT people to form as a team, evolve and perform to sustained high standards in the midst of all this has been incredibly powerful, motivational and unparalleled- out of adversity comes greatness.

    I have been privileged to serve within the SCIRT team and now as a Board member. As the Fulton Hogan representative I am also very proud of the manner in which my team have responded to the challenges faced, both personally and professionally, and collaborated as part of the wider SCIRT family in service of the People of Christchurch.

    I am fully committed doing whatever is required of me to play my part in making a positive difference in the future of Christchurch.

  • Chief Executive Officer, Downer NZ to 16 January 2017

    It is very important for the people of the Canterbury community and New Zealand’s economy that we rebuild Christchurch as quickly and cost effectively as possible. This is the challenge presented to the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team and one that I am confident that it will deliver on. This is a unique opportunity that I am proud to be associated with that will demonstrate the strength and resilience of the New Zealand character to step up and collaborate when it matters most.

  • Chief Executive, The Fletcher Construction Company Ltd.

    The Canterbury earthquakes have been an unprecedented event which has deeply affected the people of Christchurch. I am very honoured to be a contributor to the repair and rebuild of Christchurch and will always regard it as a defining part of my career. Along with Roger, Onno and Cos, I was founding member of the Alliance Board and helped set up SCIRT. I am also Chair of the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter, I have been heavily involved in Earthquake Commission’s  programme to repair 140,000 homes and in Fletcher Construction’s  work to build new homes and buildings for the City.

  • Regional Director Southern, NZTA

    Walking out of the Square with thousands of others on February 22 2011 gave me an appreciation of how important resilient infrastructure is to the future of Greater Christchurch. The Transport Agency is proud to be part of the SCIRT alliance responsible for rebuilding the horizontal infrastructure on which the city depends. Our people are working closely with our alliance partners to deliver innovation and efficiencies as part of the rebuild. Working in such a strong, collaborative environment, I have total confidence that we are rebuilding a city that will be a better place for future generations.

  • General Manager, Infrastructure Rebuild - Council Facilities & Infrastructure Rebuild Group

    Life for tens of thousands of Cantabrians changed dramatically after the events of September 2010 and February 2011. From my home in Dunedin at that time, my initial concerns were for the welfare of my mother and immediate family who lived in the east of the city. The sheer scale and complexity of the rebuild task were a compelling influence in my decision to permanently relocate to Christchurch in 2012 and devote my energy into the rebuild of the city with the Christchurch City Council and through my new role on the SCIRT board.

  • Manager, Horizontal Infrastructure – Greater Christchurch Group, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

    Having lived in Canterbury for over 20 years, I am committed to the rebuild of greater Christchurch.  As a member of the SCIRT Board and working with the SCIRT team, I am continually mindful of the huge impact the earthquakes have had on people and their communities.  The successful completion of the horizontal infrastructure programme by SCIRT’s team is critical to improving everyday life and the regeneration of Christchurch.  I am focused on working with the Board and the wider SCIRT team to ensure the successful and safe completion the rebuild and repair programme which will restore the City’s infrastructure networks and reduce the inconvenience experienced by residents.