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All action in Aranui

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It’s all go in Aranui as SCIRT’s City Care and Fletcher teams continue installing the new vacuum wastewater system in the neighbourhood.

Around 2,600 properties either side of Pages Rd will be connected to the new vacuum wastewater system, which uses air pressure to move wastewater through pipes to the treatment plant. 

Here’s an update on where things are at.

What’s been happening on Pages Road?

SCIRT’s City Care team is installing a new 80cm diameter polyethylene pressure main along Pages Road, between Shuttle Drive and Bexley Reserve. This new pressure main is hugely important as it transports wastewater from properties in the north-east of the city (from Spencerville to Southshore) to the wastewater treatment plant in Bromley.

The crew is almost halfway through installing the pipe, with 643 metres of pipe between Shuttle Drive and Breezes Road laid so far. There are 719 metres of pipe yet to be laid between Breezes Road and Bexley Reserve.

In addition to the pressure main, six vacuum wastewater main pipes have also been installed along Pages Road. These carry the wastewater from properties on each side of Pages Road to the vacuum station in Bexley Reserve. 

Below: SCIRT's City Care team is almost halfway through installing the 80cm diameter pressure main pipe along Pages Road.  

What else has been happening?

Arms 1 and 2

SCIRT has nearly finished installing the main vacuum pipelines and laterals, and is 96% of the way through installing the vacuum chambers in Arm 1.

Roading work has recently started on Doreen Street and Marlow Road in Arm 2.

Arms 3, 4 and 5

There are about six vacuum chambers left to install along Breezes Road in Arm 3.

SCIRT has installed 87% of the vacuum chambers in Arm 4, and is around a quarter of the way through installing vacuum main pipelines. Work installing main pipelines along Hampshire Street is starting this month.

Around half of the vacuum chambers have been installed in Arm 5, and 20% of main vacuum pipelines have been laid. Work installing vacuum chambers is currently underway on Porchester Street. 

Below: Map showing where the six vacuum wastewater pipe networks or 'arms' are being installed in Aranui.

Latest progress statistics at a glance 

  • More than 550 vacuum collection chambers have been placed in the ground.
  • Around 13,500 metres of pipe have been laid.
  • Almost 50 percent of the new wastewater pressure main, that's the big 80cm diameter pipe, has been installed on Pages Road. 

Traffic - the best way to go 

Road closures and detours are necessary to complete this complex work. Latest information about current closures and detours in place is available at   

Thanks for your patience, and thanks to everyone who is going the extra mile to support local businesses that may be affected by repair work. 

Published: 05 August 2015