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Hills Road detour, Moorhouse busy, Aranui and Wainoni news - SCIRT traffic

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Thanks to everyone who is planning their journeys at peak hours and driving outside the busiest times wherever possible. The best place for news is for updates and maps showing one-ways and road works.



Maces Road, Bromley, 8 May, 6 pm to 11 May, 6 am
SCIRT’s Downer team is repairing the wastewater pipe on Maces Road between Woburn St and St John St this weekend, making it one lane and one-way. There will be a short detour for north-westbound traffic.

From 11 May, 2015, Central City

Moorhouse Ave/ Montreal St/ Moorhouse overbridge

Moorhouse Ave has been more congested than usual this week at peak hours due to SCIRT brick barrel pipe work between Montreal and Durham taking out a lane in each direction. These lane closures will last for another month.  
Montreal St
Montreal St, leading off Moorhouse towards the city, has this week gone down to one lane for three weeks for wastewater lateral pipe repairs. Currently there is only one lane leading onto Montreal due to restrictions with turning from the brick barrel repairs area on Moorhouse.  People may want to use other ways to go north eg Fitzgerald Ave or Deans Ave.
Moorhouse overbridge update – westbound lane drop Monday
Moorhouse Ave overbridge will have a lane out of action on the westbound side from Monday - heading towards Hagley Park. If you travel west at peak hours, please bear this in mind. The eastbound lane reduction will remain in place. The two lanes will both remain out for about two months. 

Other parts of the central city

St Asaph St, between Madras and Manchester – lane out Monday
The Downer team will be working on St Asaph St between Madras and Manchester for two/three days from Monday, 11 May. They will then move to Madras St, south of St Asaph for another two to three days. A lane will be taken out and a shoulder closed at both sites.
High St and Manchester St
McConnell Dowell's team should have these roads near C1 sealed by 11 May.
Madras Street (one-way north)
Water main repairs are underway with lanes reduced. There is no access into or out of Armagh St from Madras. Entry is maintained into Chester St East from Madras, but exit not available that way.
Botanic Gardens access with Armagh St bridge Hagley Park under repair
If you are driving to the Botanic Gardens or Hagley Park, bear in mind that Armagh St bridge at Hagley Park/ next to Christ’s College is closed for cars while repairs are underway underneath. There are other places to park around Rolleston Ave at weekends in particular and you can still walk or cycle over the bridge. Riccarton Ave is the alternative access to the Botanic Gardens car park in Hagley Park with a temporary 10kph road.  Drivers need to give way to cyclists and pedestrians in Hagley Park.

Aranui and Wainoni

Aranui and Wainoni are the busiest parts of Christchurch in terms of SCIRT work sites currently. More resilient vacuum wastewater chambers are going into street berms and the six “arms” of the vacuum system are being installed on streets, then along Pages Road to the new vacuum pump station. 
Please see the big map on the new Aranui page of the SCIRT web for street closures and one-ways. This map is regularly being updated.   
Sign up for fortnightly area-wide maps
SCIRT’s City Care and Fletcher teams are sending out a fortnightly map and street list via email. They will leave copies at the Aranui Community Trust on Hampshire St and the local library on Aldershot St.   Email [email protected] or [email protected] to go on the list.
Latest changes

Shortland Street will be closed at Breezes Road from Monday, 11 May. Cuthberts Rd, now reopened, and Nugent St is the detour. (Fletcher)

Shortland St is currently one-way Nugent St towards Rowses Road.  (Between Nugent and Breezes is two-way.) (Fletcher)

Shortland St is also closed at Pages Road, south side (City Care work)

Guernsey St update.  (Fletcher)

SCIRT’s Fletcher team is also working in Wainoni, repairing and increasing the size of the wastewater pump station next to Porritt Park in the Wainoni Road reserve area at the Avonside Drive corner for the next ten months. Sam SCIRT, (he has a sister called Sally) part of the safety programme used by SCIRT teams with school pupils is providing some guidance while the footpath is being repaired.

Elsewhere in the suburbs

Hills Road Richmond/ Shirley - detours
Hills Road city-bound drivers will be detoured along Edgeware Road past Miss Feaver Florist for a few days. A week later, the detour will begin at Guild St, go south along Slater and onto Dudley St through to early June. At that point, Hills Road will be northbound only across the Edgeware Road intersection from Dudley to Guild.  
This is the first stage of repairs to the large northern relief wastewater trunk (ie a major pipe), which runs along Edgeware Road and Hills Road at Edgeware Road. (NB: previous work along Edgeware Road in 2012 were emergency repairs, also extensive in nature.)
Aldwins Road, Linwood – one lane northbound for a week
Two sections of northbound storm water pipes are being repaired between Newcastle and Marlborough Sts and opposite Edmonds St. Aldwins Road will be one lane northbound only for a week.
Sumner update, Wakefield Ave 
Wakefield Ave, between Nayland and Wiggins Streets, is closed. There are detours in place via Wiggins, Stoke, and the Esplanade. Access to Clink from Wiggins St end. 
Linwood wastewater work – Worcester & Woodham Southern Relief
There is major main trunk wastewater work starting on Worcester St, east of Linwood Ave, and Woodham Road which will run through to next year. SCIRT’s McConnell Dowell team is liaising closely with residents. 
Centaurus Road work no longer has traffic lights. Work should finish by the end of May. 
Governors Bay drivers – go to the white line 
If you are waiting at the bottom of Dyers Pass Road and if you are in the front car, make sure you drive up to the white line to trigger the traffic light change. Cyclists should also press the blue cycle button to get slightly more time. SCIRT’s Fletcher crew have completed the retaining walls and are onto the footpath rebuild.
Published: 08 May 2015