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Hot spring Sunday attracts hundreds of people to causeway

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The weather gods turned on the heat for the Fulton Hogan open doors event on the McCormacks Bay/ Sumner causeway on Sunday.  The warmth and lack of easterly encouraged hundreds of residents to come out for a walk, or a mountain bike, along the causeway construction site.

The Fulton Hogan team would like to thank everyone who came down and saw the work that’s underway.

Feedback included many remarks about the wonderful weather, praise for the “well informed, welcoming staff” and “huge efforts” Fulton Hogan crews are making. Many people are simply looking forward to the causeway reopening. One visitor wrote “Fabulous - uplifting to see this much anticipated project close up, wonderful to know it will be opened in a month. Aren’t we lucky!” 

Project manager, Cherie Leckner, was busy all morning explaining the works and answering queries from locals. So much so, she had lost her voice by Sunday night.

A part of many families' links to Sumner

Many residents explained their own family’s history with the causeway and growing up in the area. Some remember the quarry up by Glenstrae Road where the rocks for the original causeway were sourced, and many relayed their experiences during the February earthquake and the damage they witnessed to the causeway. A local Glenstrae Road resident, who had been watching the works’ progress from up on the hill, was kind enough to bring down some copies of photos of the construction of the original causeway in the 1930s. The copies were taken from his valued copy of the book Sumner to Ferrymead: A Christchurch History by Walter de Thier.  (Copies are available on Trade Me and at a local bookseller.) 

The Christchurch Coastal Pathway Group members  were jumping for joy at the sight of this section of the pathway taking shape. Work on this  four-metre wide section of pathway is likely to be on-going once the causeway has been reopened to two-way traffic.

Hoping it will stay dry to meet reopening date

Local residents were very happy to hear that the works are running to schedule, with the causeway expected to be reopened to traffic on Friday, 1 November.  However, the final stabilising and sealing of the road relies upon dry weather, so everyone is hoping it stays dry between now and the end of the month.

Night works are scheduled for the coming weeks on the Sumner end of Main Road and the McCormacks Bay Road intersection.

SCIRT’s Fulton Hogan project manager Cherie Leckner – who talked to so many people on the 6 October open day, she lost her voice by evening.

The new culvert and bridge.

Brilliant weather and well-behaved dogs.

Project manager Cherie Leckner talking over her daily life for the past few months.

Sunhats were helpful in the heat.

Fulton Hogan's Omar Seychell, environmental advisor, explains how the rain garden will work in conjunction with the coastal pathway.


The Coastal Pathway Group's gazebo offered respite from the sun.

Published: 07 October 2013