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Hundreds of cones lonely no more

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Hundreds of Christchurch people have rallied behind the call for tip-offs of lost and lonely cones to be returned to the fold.

These loyal foot soldiers been stranded after standing proud on Christchurch work sites, and are being marched back to the cone colony at SCIRT.

Many have been sleeping rough and are looking a bit worse for wear.

To keep up with demand, the SCIRT CONEMOBILE is circulating the city day and night to collect lonely cones and it may take a couple of weeks to get to every location.

SCIRT would like to thank everyone who has phoned, emailed or facebooked their tip-offs. The Cone Team is on the job, gathering them all up, and say it could take a little longer than expected.

The Cone Team says thanks for your patience and your support; and hang in there, they’ll be round to collect those cones soon.


Published: 17 November 2016