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One stop shop for school resources

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SCIRT is responsible for a large number of the road cones, diggers, trucks, and signs around Christchurch streets at the moment. All this activity captures the attention of children, who often have lots of observations and questions about road works.
We have created an education resources area on the SCIRT website, aimed at children. This web page contains a number of links to resources and activities, which can be printed off and used in a classroom or at home to teach children about road works.
Our biggest focus is on safety, so many of our resources are about personal protective equipment (PPE) that our crews use. The resources can also be used to have a conversation with children about staying safe around our work sites when they are set up near their home or school.
Below: Sam SCIRT is a character featuring in many of SCIRT's resources designed for children. 

Other information about road works available for children 

The Road Cone-Spiracy – Hi Viz reporters investigate

Hi Viz is a series about the Canterbury rebuild, which can be viewed on the Future Christchurch website. It’s made for kids, by kids. Episode four in the series, The Road Cone-Spiracy, is about the orange and white road cones that have invaded Christchurch.

Angus Bargh, previously SCIRT’s transport manager, is interviewed in the episode. He explains SCIRT is responsible for repairing earthquake damaged infrastructure – roads, water, wastewater and storm water pipes. 

Read our previous article about the episode and watch the full Hi Viz Road Cone-Spiracy episode on the Future Christchurch website. 
The Moe Show – roaming puppet ventures to Christchurch
The Moe Show is a children’s television show, which aired on Channel Four last year. In one episode, Moe, the loveable furry star of the show visited a SCIRT site in Christchurch to learn all about road works. 
Moe finds out about what roads are made out of, the machinery used to build roads, and the importance of safety around road works. 
Read about Moe’s adventure in our previous article and watch the full Moe Show episode on the Channel Four On Demand website. 
Published: 21 April 2015