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Rebuilding the Port Hills retaining walls – Lyttelton update

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Work on Lyttelton’s many retaining walls – about one third of all the SCIRT retaining wall projects – has been progressing well in recent months.

• Canterbury/Dublin Streets – wall is complete.

• London Street – wall should be complete end of March.

• Sumner Road stage one – close to finished.

• Ticehurst Road - work has begun at the top and will take two months. SCIRT delivery team Fletcher is deconstructing the old wall in sections and working in with residents.

• Cunningham Terrace retaining wall, off Bridle Path Road, SCIRT Fulton Hogan project, will be finished in April.

• Canterbury and Ripon Streets are due to be completed in March. SCIRT delivery team MacDow has been installing handrails, capping the walls and doing sections of roading.

• Selwyn Road and Ross Terrace projects should be completed late April. Ross Terrace wall is finished but the road closure was necessary to keep cars out of the work area. Selwyn Road’s 48 square metre gabion basket wall is being built.

Case study: Lyttelton’s Cunningham Terrace retaining wall
People who walk up the Bridle Path road on the west side of the port town, go past the entrance to Cunningham Terrace. This stretch of road and its residents have had a hard time from both earthquakes and bad weather. The bottom end of Cunningham Terrace was washed out last spring with the heavy rain and also has to be rebuilt. The road at that point drops down onto Simeon Quay and the main road to Corsair Bay and the tank farm/ Naval Point.  Cunningham Terrace runs above the main road away from the heavy traffic, providing a valuable link for residents. The road, which is supported by the retaining wall, also carries core infrastructure – water, wastewater, stormwater pipes. Work to rebuild the retaining wall started in August 2012 by SCIRT delivery team Fulton Hogan and is now close to finished.

Lyttelton's Cunningham Terrace before work began, collapsed section of road and retaining wall fenced off, looking back towards the town.


Cunningham Terrace during construction: working on a tight work site, close to the red garage.


Cunningham Terrace long view October 2012: retaining wall during construction.


Cunningham Terrace retaining wall, almost completed March 2013, road now level with the red garage.


Published: 13 March 2013