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SCIRT programme timings

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As the countdown to Christmas begins in earnest, SCIRT’s programme managers are taking stock of what’s left to do.

In five and a half years, SCIRT has completed more than 680 projects so far, and only 59 projects remain in construction.

SCIRT’s latest Schedule of works shows what’s left to do, where, and when those projects are expected to be finished.

SCIRT Executive General Manager Ian Campbell says the team is on track to substantially complete its construction programme by Christmas, as planned.

“Looking back at what we set out to do 2011, completing more than 700 projects will be a massive achievement and the team is working hard to see it through to the end.

“Work will continue on a small number of projects into the new year, for a number of different reasons.”

Extra work

“We’ve taken on some extra work that makes sense to do because it is connected to our existing work,” said Campbell.

For example, while the SCIRT team was repairing damage to the 1metre diameter wastewater trunk main known as the Northern Relief, investigation revealed the condition of a section on Edgeware Road between Lindsay Street and Allard Street had deteriorated, and dipped up to 400mm.

The SCIRT Board and funders considered the design and repairs that were necessary and decided the best option for the city was for SCIRT to do this work now, at the same time as its other work, acknowledging that meant continuing the work into early next year.

Campbell says, “This work on a major pipeline needs to be done now, before it deteriorates further. It’s an opportunity to fix something else very economically while we are there.”

Geckos to gibbault joints

From the best timing for moving geckos to technical complexities with pump station gibbault joints, unexpected issues and difficult ground conditions have also affected some projects.

“With construction below ground, you often find things are different from what you originally thought or expected, and something can surprise you. We’ve learned to be adaptable, and take things in our stride,” said Campbell.

End of summer finish

This project along with all the other SCIRT summer work, is expected to be finished construction by the end of March 2017.

“We’re working hard to finish off the remaining few projects as quickly as possible in the new year.

“We’re very grateful to the community for their patience and support over the years, and understand they’ll be pleased to know we’re nearly there,” said Campbell.

Council continues the work

With SCIRT’s construction programme winding down, the Council is preparing to roll out a $450 million programme of ongoing repairs and maintenance to underground pipes after SCIRT is gone.

Completion numbers updated as at 30 November

Published: 16 November 2016