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SCIRT work is holding back the tides

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Redcliffs residents now have greater security against flooding with the completion of the new Beachville Road seawall.
The 500 metre-long seawall reconstruction by the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) was celebrated today at a community gathering attended by scores of locals.
New Heathcote ward councillor Sara Templeton declared the project finished with the cutting of a ribbon on Beachville Road.
“The completion of this project is fantastic for the local community. It not only provides the protection of the seawall, but the continuation of the Coastal Pathway which is an important connection between the coastal communities and enables a wide range of recreation activities,” Templeton said.
From left: Scott Babington, chairman of the Christchurch Coastal Pathway Group, new Heathcote ward councillor Sara Templeton, and SCIRT Executive General Manager Ian Campbell address residents, local members of Parliament and local councillors at the celebration of the new Beachville Road seawall and a new section of the Coastal Pathway in Redcliffs.
The year-long, $8 million project carried out by SCIRT’s Downer delivery team included not only the technically challenging rebuild of the seawall but also the construction of a new section of the Coastal Pathway with a panoramic view of the Avon-Heathcote Estuary. The new 1.2 kilometre addition to the Coastal Pathway incorporates new storm water pipes, road and kerb and channels.
The more than 100-year-old original seawall structure was no match for the February 22, 2011 earthquake and was damaged beyond repair. Built in the early 1900s, the wall dropped up to half a metre and slumped forward up to one metre in places leaving Beachville Road vulnerable to flooding during bad weather.
Scores of locals attended the celebration of the new Beachville Road seawall and a new section of the Coastal Pathway
SCIRT Executive General Manager Ian Campbell said “The new seawall provides protection from erosion and it offers more resilience in the event of storm surges and future seismic activity.”
“SCIRT appreciates the keen interest Redcliffs residents have taken in this project and their support and patience throughout it,” Campbell said.
SCIRT’s construction programme is now winding down and the Council is preparing to roll out a $450 million programme of ongoing repairs and maintenance to underground pipes after SCIRT is gone.
SCIRT Executive General Manager Ian Campbell says SCIRT is very proud of the work of its designers and the Downer delivery team in building the new seawall
Key facts:
The new Beachville Road seawall is 500 metres long
A new 1.2 kilometre section of the Coastal Pathway has been built as part of the SCIRT project.
The project started in September 2015
10,000 square metres of pavement has been replaced
350 metres of storm water repairs have been completed
Over 7000 cubic metres of engineered fill has been installed
Around 40,000 square metres of Geotextile has been used
More than 7000 cubic metres of rock has been placed in the main eastern seawall
Another 500 cubic metres of rock was used in the seawalls at the north end of Beachville Road
The old seawall was built in the early 1900s
Published: 06 November 2016