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Three lane blacktop - respite on bumpy road to Sumner

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The Redcliffs stretch of Main Road is still a work in progress but the causeway to the Ferrymead bridge new three-laning project has got its final coat of tarseal.
SCIRT’s Fulton Hogan team recently finished the tarsealing between Scott Park, near the Ferrymead bridge, and McCormacks Bay Road/ the start of the causeway. There will be two lanes for vehicles travelling along this part of the road towards the city, which will help commuters to keep moving. 
The three-laning project, planned by Christchurch City Council before the earthquakes, was combined with earthquake repairs to save costs and minimise disruption to the community. 

A feast of road works, including mass movement stabilisation
The work started late 2013. It included repairing and replacing sections of earthquake-damaged wastewater pipes, installing a new wastewater lift station, and replacing storm water culverts. The team also built a new seawall and constructed the new Coastal Pathway on this stretch of road. Finally they rebuilt the road to include the second city-bound lane. 
Earlier this year, mass movement remediation work on the slope between Main Road and Quarry Road heading up the hill to Mt Pleasant was added to the project. This work, which helped to make the slope more stable, was finished at the end of March. 
THANKS to residents, drivers, cyclists, walkers, Metro drivers
SCIRT is planning to hold a small celebration with the community to mark the completion of this massive project and thank the locals for their patience and friendly waves.
PHEW! Once the road lanes are marked up the cones can go.
Thanks for the feedback too.
Published: 02 June 2015