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Traffic update Birmingham Drive stop/go at Lunns Road for morning peak this week

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This morning SCIRT put in Manual Traffic Control  (stop/go ) at the Annex Rd/Lunns Rd intersection for the peak morning hours (7.00am to 9.00am). This will continue for this week.

SCIRT will continue to monitor the degree of delays people are experiencing in the Wrights Road to Matipo Street to Blenheim Road area while people work out the best way to get to work each day while Birmingham Drive is one-way, eastbound only.

This will continue until June from Marylands Reserve to the Wrights Road roundabout while a major wastewater pipe, Pressure Main 105, is installed by SCIRT's Fulton Hogan delivery team.

The cycleway at the back of Birmingham Drive (from Wrights Road opposite the entrance to Addington Raceway) is fully open as of this week.

For more details, read the background article.


Published: 19 February 2013