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Education resources

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SCIRT is responsible for a large number of the road cones, diggers, trucks, and signs around Christchurch streets at the moment. All this activity captures the attention of children; who often have lots of observations and questions about road works.

When our crews work near schools or child care facilities we visit them to talk about staying safe around work sites, how we take care of the environment, and anything else related to our work in the area.

Our biggest focus is on safety, so we spend a lot of time teaching children about personal protective equipment (PPE) that our crews use. We also teach them how they can stay safe around our work sites set up near their home or school.

SCIRT has a number of resources that are useful when having conversations with children about road works. The PDF documents on the right can be printed and used in your home or classroom.

If SCIRT is working near your school, you can request a school visit by emailing [email protected] or by contacting the SCIRT Delivery Team mentioned on the site fencing. 

SCIRT colouring in (available on the right as a PDF)

Dress Sam SCIRT in personal protective equipment (available on the right as a PDF)