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Suppliers' and Contractors' Corner

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We're grateful to any businesses who want to help us rebuild Christchurch's infrastructure. Our Delivery Teams regularly need suppliers and contractors, and we love to help keep local companies in work.

SCIRT Safety Rules

Compliance with these rules is a non-negotiable expectation of working with SCIRT. Company rules and requirements also need to be complied with.

Information for Contractors

To work as part of SCIRT, please contact one of our main contractors who are our Delivery Teams. These are the teams who are responsible for the day to day work that SCIRT does. They employ contractors to help fill the roles needed for projects.

Before you approach one of the Delivery Teams about work as a contractor, there are a few things you need to know. Be sure to follow the links to understand them fully:

Information for Suppliers

It is vital that our Delivery Teams can rely on a good supply of materials for their contractors to undertake this important work. We want to make sure that our city is being rebuilt with resilient materials that are good value. 

All '3 Waters' materials used need to comply with the CCC Approved Materials' List.

It is important to remember that we're rebuilding horizontal infrastructure only, which is roads, fresh water, wastewater, and storm water systems and other infrastructure like bridges and retaining walls.

Rebuilding Christchurch’s vital horizontal infrastructure is a large and complex project that is expected to take around five years to complete. It is one of the largest civil engineering programmes of work ever undertaken in New Zealand.

To supply materials to SCIRT please approach these people in our Delivery Teams who are responsible for procurement.

Information for Welders

SCIRT has developed an approved welders register to ensure that the welding work done on SCIRT projects is of the highest standard.

The purpose of this register is to reduce the potential for defective polyethylene welds and electrofusion joints and the corresponding decrease in asset life by ensuring that welders are competent and familiar with Council’s standards.

Polyethylene welders that are approved under this scheme are considered suitable to undertake electrofusion joints welding polyethylene pipe on SCIRT jobs. 

Please refer to the PDF links on the right to learn about and apply to be on the SCIRT Welders Register.