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SCIRT Progress Statistics


Completed Work

WASTEWATER  562 km pipe (82%) repaired/replaced
70 pump stations (85%) repaired/replaced
STORM WATER 56 km of pipe (78%) repaired/replaced
5 pump stations (63%) repaired/replaced
FRESH WATER 97 km of pipe (98%) repaired/replaced
21 pump stations and reservoirs  (75%) repaired/replaced
ROADING       1,384,236 sq m of road (83%) repaired/replaced
141 bridges/culverts (98%) repaired/replaced
150 retaining walls (82%) repaired/replaced

97% of design is complete


88% of construction is complete


SCIRT has completed its original programme of work in the CBD. 97% of Central City Work is complete


89% of the whole SCIRT programme is complete



Current Work

12 projects valued at 22.4 million dollars are being designed
11 projects totalling 10.4 million dollars are being estimated

120 projects valued at 417.6 million dollars are under construction

238 projects totalling 805.2 million dollars are being handed back to asset owners
353 projects totalling 140.7 million dollars are complete and have been handed back to asset owners
1,396.5 million dollars is the total value of work within the rebuild programme



7198 work notices produced. 1,594,065 copies of work notices delivered to residents and businesses.
216 e-newsletters produced
163 school visits
38,095 face to face meetings
5066 non-traffic related signs about our work.

89% of the community is satisfied with SCIRT communication





Gough/Humes Canterbury 2015 Contractor of the Year Award – Category C - Projects between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000

- Fulton Hogan, Sumner Road stage 4 retaining wall earthquake repairs.

Gough/Humes Canterbury 2015 Contractor of the Year Award – Category B – Projects between $250,000 and $1,000,00

- Downer, Armagh Street bridge earthquake repairs.

Canstruction 2015

- Structural Integrity Award

- Best Meal Award

Civil Contractors New Zealand Awards 2015

- Connexis Company Training and Development Award – Large Company (finalist)

Hays National Association of Women in Construction Excellence Awards 2015

- Helen Tippett Award, SCIRT Women in Construction (winner)

- Professional Woman of the Year, Paula Lock (highly commended)

These awards celebrate achievements in advancing and furthering the interests of women in the construction industry. 

Territorial Forces Employer Support Council Award 2014

- Canterbury and Upper South Island regional employer of the year

Ministry for the Environment Green Ribbon Award 2014

- Caring for our water - Operation Dry July

Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ) Award 2014

- Sustained public relations (highly commended)

New Zealand Institute of Surveyors Award of Excellence 2014

- Gold award of Excellence – Surveying for SCIRT

New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards 2013

- Excellence in Community Engagement (winner)

- Water, waste and amenities (finalist)

- Young engineer of the year (finalist)

Champion Canterbury Business Awards 2013 

- The Press Champion Canterbury Supreme Award (winner)

- Champion Infrastructure (winner)

The Brunel Medal 2013

New Zealand Planning Institute Best Practice Award 2012

- Integrated planning and investigations (winner)

A combined award with Christchurch City Council, Environment Canterbury and Beca for a collaborative approach to a global consenting framework.

12D International Innovation Awards (Gold)

esri Awards 2012

- Special achievement in GIS


Last updated 12 May 2016