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  • 2 Dec 2015 - 10:30am
    SCIRT’s Downer and Fulton Hogan teams have won top honours at the 2015 Canterbury Contractor of the Year Awards for their work on SCIRT projects. Armagh Street Bridge Downer’s repairs to Armagh Street Bridge won the award for contracts of a value between $250,000 and $1 million. Downer Project Manager, Tom Harding-Illot, says, “One of our main project challenges was how we could modify current construction techniques and materials to suit the heritage fabric of the bridge.
  • 26 Nov 2015 - 6:23pm
    Wainoni Rd – one-way for 2 weeks   Aranui commuters please allow more travelling time while Wainoni Rd is one-way for two weeks from Wednesday 2 December until mid-December If you are travelling on the eastern end of Wainoni Road towards town you will be detoured into Hampshire St, Basingstoke St, Portsmouth St and back onto Wainoni Rd.
  • 26 Nov 2015 - 4:24pm
    Commuters driving over the SCIRT repaired Bridge Street Bridge into South New Brighton will have noticed a new piece of heritage furniture in the reserve.    It is a welcome sign.    Celebrating shared experiences   The South Brighton residents going through four years of major SCIRT repairs in their neighbourhood thought it was about time to celebrate how far their community has come after the earthquakes.    They want people to know that the eastern suburbs ar
  • 24 Nov 2015 - 12:49pm
    One of Christchurch’s busiest bridges is poised for an uplifting ten months. The 38 year old Durham Street Bridge sustained significant damage in the Canterbury earthquakes. The reinforced concrete beams, the pier heads which support the deck of the bridge, are cracked and crumbling. After an initial three months of earthquake repair work by the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT), the Durham Street Bridge has reached its first milestone.
  • 23 Nov 2015 - 2:23pm
    Working in the middle of one Christchurch’s busiest roads is not a job for the faint hearted. Up to 30,000 vehicles a day travel down Papanui Road. One of the above ground challenges for SCIRT’s Fletcher team is keeping the traffic flowing and workers safe while they repair the earthquake damaged wastewater pipes under the road. Works on Papanui Road An army of orange
  • 20 Nov 2015 - 5:22pm
    Night time closure of Durham St Bridge in Sydenham   The Durham St Bridge is closing overnight on Wednesday 25 November and Thursday 26 November from 8pm to 5am for earthquake repairs. The Durham St Bridge is a busy route with just over 11,000 vehicles a day using it. Please use other routes on Wednesday and Thursday between 8pm and 5am.
  • 19 Nov 2015 - 5:10pm
    An important part of the new Redcliffs seawall on Beachville Road that provides extra strength and protection ­is hidden underwater. Following the February 22, 2011 earthquake, the ground under the seawall (built about 90 years ago) succumbed to lateral spread, causing about half a kilometre of the seawall to bow outward, no longer providing protection for nearby properties. In three places no wall was left at all.
  • 18 Nov 2015 - 10:46am
    SCIRT has launched a competition to give away free tickets to Christchurch residents to next January’s SCIRT World Buskers Festival.    SCIRT Executive General Manager, Ian Campbell says it’s a way the organisation can directly thank the people of Christchurch for their support over the past four years.   “People all around the city have been very patient with the disruption to their lives that our work has caused, and it’s one way we can say thank you for being so patient with us.”   The competiti
  • 12 Nov 2015 - 5:14pm
    Northern Commuters- Innes Rd changes - expect delays On Wednesday 18 November and Friday 20 November there will be no entry from Innes Road onto QE11 Drive. Detour route is Hills Rd, Akaroa St, Briggs Rd and Marshland Rd. The left turning lane from QE11 Dr onto Innes Road will be closed for 2 days from Monday 16 November but another lane can be used to turn left. SCIRT sweeps up at the Canstruction Awards 2015
  • 12 Nov 2015 - 4:11pm
    The army of road cones has captured the hearts, minds and imaginations of many locals since the Christchurch rebuild began. Earlier this year a small handwritten sign mysteriously appeared on a SCIRT work site near Sumner stating, “Thank you to all the road workers”. 
  • 11 Nov 2015 - 3:51pm
    SCIRT’s City Care team took out two awards at this year’s Canstruction Awards, winning the Structural Ingenuity Award and Best Meal Award with its rendition of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, “Rapunzel”. The team, led by City Care Project manager Hunter Morton, told the complex tale using more than 3,900 cans of food, kindly supported by the Moorhouse Avenue PAK’nSAVE. After the competition, all the cans of food will be donated by the City Mission to needy people in Christchurch.
  • 11 Nov 2015 - 2:58pm
    SCIRT’s construction partners are proud to be bringing the SCIRT World Buskers Festival to Christchurch as sponsors for a fifth and final year in January 2016. SCIRT ‘s delivery teams, City Care, Downer, Fletcher, Fulton Hogan and McConnell Dowell have delivered 78% of the SCIRT horizontal infrastructure rebuild programme and are now making their final push for completion by the end of 2016.
  • 6 Nov 2015 - 4:14pm
    Wainoni-Breezes – works starting- allow extra travelling time   Works at the intersection of Wainoni Rd and Breezes Rd for about 3 weeks are starting on Wednesday 11 November. City-bound traffic will be detoured into Portsmouth St, Hampshire St and onto Breezes Rd. Wainoni Rd will be one-way eastbound towards New Brighton between Breezes Rd and Portsmouth St.  Breezes Rd will be one-way going north between Gosport St and Wainoni Rd.  Commuters will not be able to tur
  • 4 Nov 2015 - 11:43am
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  • 30 Oct 2015 - 5:14pm
    Dyers Pass Rd - Road works coming soon- allow extra travelling time From the week starting Monday 9 November repairs on retaining walls on Dyers Pass Rd will start and take about 10 weeks. A lane will be closed and two-way traffic will be maintained with temporary traffic lights. One retaining wall repair is just south of the Sign of the Kiwi on the Governors Bay side. The second is on the city-side of Dyers Pass Rd near Victoria Park Rd. Shirley Rd – Short detour for 3 months
  • 30 Oct 2015 - 3:17pm
    Some of Christchurch’s biggest underground wastewater pipes are currently being repaired and in some areas require full replacements. SCIRT is now working on the city’s two biggest pipes, the Northern Relief and the Southern Relief, which service more than 200,000 households and businesses in Christchurch.  These pipes account for more than half of Christchurch population’s wastewater needs. When this work is completed, it will be buried underground and invisibly doing its important job. The Wairakei Diversion
  • 23 Oct 2015 - 4:43pm
    PROGRESS  The residents of Aranui and Wainoni are celebrating the opening of the section of Pages Rd from Cowles Stadium to Breezes Rd which happened on Friday 23 October. It’s been one-way towards the city for much of the past 10 months.
  • 23 Oct 2015 - 10:46am
    SCIRT’s Executive General Manager Ian Campbell took to the airwaves this week in an interview with radio host Chris Lynch at NewstalkZB in Christchurch about the progress of the city’s infrastructure repair and rebuild programme. Here are his main points
  • 21 Oct 2015 - 12:17pm
    SCIRT’s City Care team has used an innovative trench technique to weld pipe strings together at one of the city’s biggest Pressure Main projects, ensuring Christchurch residents have a more resilient asset at a lower cost.   Pressure Main 136 (PM136) is being installed along Pages Road in Aranui and will transport all the wastewater from households in the north-east of the city (from Spencerville to Southshore) to the Bromley wastewater treatment plant.  
  • 20 Oct 2015 - 3:17pm
    SCIRT’s Downer team and Room 7 at Thorrington School paired up recently to learn about safety and protecting our waterways. Tom Harding Ilott, a site engineer, went along to teach the kids about the repairs, the risk of working around water and about wearing the right gear to make sure you’re safe on site. Gearing up
  • 16 Oct 2015 - 4:59pm
    GOOD NEWS Residents and commuters in east Christchurch will be pleased one of their main thoroughfares, Breezes Rd, is this week re-opening to two-way traffic between Pages Rd and Wainoni Rd after more than 4 months one-way.  Although there is still some work to complete in Breezes Rd near the Wainoni Rd intersection which will require another short closure there, this is some weeks away. Also the one-way section of Pages Rd is shortening with the re-opening this week to two-way traffic between Shuttle Dr and Sho
  • 16 Oct 2015 - 4:19pm
    A sea of orange hi-vis vests took over Bexley Reserve recently to help create a new green space. More than 1600 plants and 40 cubic metres of mulch were put into the landscaped area of the reserve by volunteers - SCIRT’s Fulton Hogan team. New dog park In the coming year the reserve will be home to a new dog park. As well as the planting, water fountains for dogs and an irrigation system will be installed.
  • 14 Oct 2015 - 12:11pm
    If you would like to know more about the two and a half year project to repair Christchurch’s iconic Triumphal Arch come along on Sunday to talk with SCIRT’s specialists. SCIRT engineers and the RSA will host the public beside the Bridge of Remembrance as part of Family Fun Day for Heritage Week. SCIRT staff will be at the Triumphal Arch between 10:00am – 12:00pm on Sunday 18 October.
  • 9 Oct 2015 - 4:50pm
    GOOD NEWS The Edgeware Rd - Sherborne St intersection has re-opened to southbound traffic Traffic flowing from the north will be able to travel through the Edgeware Rd-Sherborne St intersection again easing traffic flows on this main route into the city. Works will continue at the intersection but traffic will be diverted around it. Spreydon & Somerfield  Barrington Street is now open to two-way traffic.
  • 8 Oct 2015 - 5:10pm
    SCIRT is using “Geo” to make the repair of an underground main trunk wastewater pipe a lot safer. Out and about  The small, compact robot strutted its stuff, raising and lowering its appendages and entertaining pupils, at the nearby Linwood North primary school recently. They have named it “Geo” in a competition won by room 1’s new entrant Michael, just 5 years old. Geo shows off for the pupils of Linwood North primary school