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  • 1 Aug 2014 - 12:54pm
    Central City Durham St North – intermittent delays over next few weeks SCIRT’s Fletcher team has completed wastewater work between Kilmore and Armagh Streets. However, there is final road finishing work which may lead to occasional lane reductions. Please be on the lookout in the next few weeks.
  • 30 Jul 2014 - 2:01pm
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  • 29 Jul 2014 - 12:50pm
    It all started with his toy car. Moe, the loveable furry star of the Moe Show, a children’s television show on Channel Four, just couldn’t get it to go.    Gilbert, Moe’s sidekick, helpfully suggests that the car is a lemon and should be thrown out the window.    But Moe is not having any of that. Instead, the letter ‘R’ takes Moe on a journey, all the way from his treehouse in Mount Moehau on the Coromandel Peninsula to Christchurch.
  • 29 Jul 2014 - 11:35am
    One of the new wastewater technologies being installed in Christchurch currently is the vacuum system in Aranui and Wainoni by SCIRT’s City Care team. It’s a big task - 2,700 households and businesses with damaged gravity wastewater pipes are being switched to the new vacuum system. The first stage of work is underway and will connect 430 properties to the system, with 135 tanks to be installed. The ground conditions and high water table – very wet ground -  has made this job challenging.
  • 28 Jul 2014 - 4:45pm
    When it comes to hair colours, just about anything goes. But for roads and shopping centres, the orange glow of road cones is one most retailers would willingly avoid.  Huntsbury Hair’s owner Celes Stewart and stylist Regan Geerlofs are glad to be seeing the cones surrounding their business reduce as SCIRT’s City Care crew reinstates the roundabout and the pedestrian islands at Centaurus and Wilsons Roads.
  • 28 Jul 2014 - 4:30pm
    Journalist Emma Cropper, from Christchurch’s local TV station CTV, recently caught up with SCIRT’s general manager Duncan Gibb. They went for a wander one very chilly afternoon through the central city as part of CTV’s new “progress” segment of the news.   On Kilmore Street, north of the Square, they found out more about creating resilient roads using geotextile and even saw a robot in action. Robots can explore places which are too small for people and thus minimise danger.
  • 25 Jul 2014 - 5:16pm
    Central City Durham St North - one way street south of Bealey Ave SCIRT’s Fletcher team has completed wastewater work between Kilmore and Armagh Streets. The road will reopen to more than one lane next week and work on the bridge is complete. Kilmore St – one way west Kilmore has lane closures between Madras and Manchester for road reconstruction and storm water repairs, up until December.
  • 25 Jul 2014 - 1:56pm
    As well as the work in McCormacks Bay/ Redcliffs, SCIRT is also working on a major three-laning project from the base of Mt Pleasant back towards the Ferrymead Bridge, (the bridge is a Council/ HEB project.) Once over the bridge, SCIRT’s City Care crews are working along Ferry Road on a number of sites.
  • 25 Jul 2014 - 1:42pm
    Amidst the sea of orange road cones that line the drive to and from Sumner, some welcome news today, from about 3 pm: Main Road will reopen between McCormacks Bay Road and the Redcliffs shops, removing the detours off Celia St and Beachville Road. The full road closure on Main Road and detours onto the side streets began just over three weeks ago. The road was already narrow due to containers lining the cliff face, hence the need for the full road closure to get the pipe in the ground.
  • 23 Jul 2014 - 2:27pm
    Those visiting Settlers Crescent in Ferrymead can enjoy access at both ends of the street again, after SCIRT’s City Care team completed works there last week.    Since October 2013, when City Care first started working in Settlers Crescent, parts of the road were closed while wastewater, storm water and road repairs were carried out and a wastewater lift station was installed.
  • 23 Jul 2014 - 1:17pm
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  • 21 Jul 2014 - 5:31pm
    Christchurch television station CTV went to work (or in one case, home from work) with five Christchurch City Councillors (including the mayor) a week ago. SCIRT spotted the links on journalist Emma Cropper’s twitter link  @EmmaCropper21. Take a look at some different ways of getting into town, including driving and catching a bus.
  • 21 Jul 2014 - 4:47pm
    Workers locating underground services in the central city got more than they bargained for when they came across the remains of a jaw with "big teeth." The bone - which archaeologists say belonged to a cow - was recently found at SCIRT’s Gloucester St site. McConnell Dowell is installing a new wastewater main at the moment along the street.
  • 18 Jul 2014 - 2:34pm
    Central City St Asaph/ Manchester intersection Monday and Tuesday, 21 and 22 July: No southbound journeys on Manchester after 9 am Monday, from the St Asaph St intersection. SCIRT’s Downer team will be working in the intersection to half way along St Asaph St to Madras St.
  • 17 Jul 2014 - 4:10pm
    The new McCormacks Bay Road / Main Road intersection opened to one-way traffic today (Thursday, 17 July). The intersection is only open to eastbound traffic initially, towards Redcliffs, due to wastewater works by SCIRT’s Fulton Hogan crews along McCormacks Bay Road. The intersection has been realigned about 80 metres east of the old intersection to provide better and safer separation between McCormacks Bay Road and Mt Pleasant Road.
  • 16 Jul 2014 - 8:28am
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  • 14 Jul 2014 - 4:36pm
    No sooner had Cherry Dong taken over as the new owner of Beat Street Café than there was a knock at the door from SCIRT’s City Care team. They were paying a visit to let her know of upcoming wastewater repairs on Barbadoes Street, from Chester Street East to Armagh Street- right on the café’s doorstep and sunny side. The quirky café is on the corner of Armagh Street and Barbadoes Street and is a regular spot for commuters on the way into town and for local residents. The building was a bike shop for at least 60 years and before that it was rumoured to be a butcher’s shop.
  • 14 Jul 2014 - 2:53pm
    Thank you for subscribing to SCIRT's e-newsletter. We aim to publish regularly. We are always keen to receive your feedback so if you have any comments, please send them to us at Twitter comment is @SCIRT_info
  • 11 Jul 2014 - 1:44pm
    Central City New Regent St open for business, access each end SCIRT crews are currently working on either side of New Regent St, but maintaining access to the shops. There will always be one end of this retail area with good pedestrian access. • Armagh St is westbound between Manchester and Colombo. • Gloucester St from Colombo to Manchester is currently closed to traffic, but will reopen eastbound Tuesday, then two-way Thursday.
  • 11 Jul 2014 - 12:52pm
    SCIRT traffic controller Sonny Makiri is a natural at his job – ensuring people safely navigate McCormacks Bay Road with trenches and machinery the daily norm. Plus he keeps the road crews safe and keeps an eye out for people enjoying the McCormacks Bay park area or walking their dogs around the estuary/ Ihutai, close to SCIRT’s work sites.
  • 11 Jul 2014 - 12:40pm
    After 113 years in position, the Antigua St footbridge was cut free and lifted skywards one chilly evening in early July.  For all its life the bridge had a flat deck, but the earthquake squeezed it slightly creating a bow and a humped deck. SCIRT’s Downer team is repairing and rebuilding the bridge off site and replacing the old broken deck with a new concrete platform.
  • 11 Jul 2014 - 9:39am
    With the Horotane Valley bridge repair coming to an end, the steel beams used while the bridge was jacked up were all ready to head for the scrap yard. That was until a Horotane local, also a senior station officer at the Woolston Fire Station, spotted a further use for the beams. Peter McGrail asked SCIRT’s Fletcher team if one more use could be wrung out of these large beams – to help train USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) teams in Christchurch.
  • 10 Jul 2014 - 3:40pm
    A lone man pauses outside the gates surrounding what remains of the Gayhurst Road bridge. Before him a nine-tonne slab of the bridge deck hovers in the sky from the end of a crane hoist. He lifts his camera, snaps a few shots of the moment in history, then carries on his way.The 60-year-old bridge is a shadow of its former self after the bridge deck was carefully deconstructed piece by piece by SCIRT’s McConnell Dowell crew.With a temporary footbridge in place for pedestrians and cyclists, the demolition began last month and in two weeks the bridge deck was completely gone.
  • 10 Jul 2014 - 2:29pm
    Melissa Parsons, Avonhead poet and writer, caught SCIRT’s attention recently with her thoughtful poem about the Christchurch rebuild and the proliferation of road cones on our streets. (See our earlier story.)
  • 8 Jul 2014 - 4:33pm
    When SCIRT team Fulton Hogan reopened the Main Road causeway in November last year it was too hot and dry to landscape the ‘rain gardens’ - the strip of garden between the road and the new Coastal Pathway.  However, over the last couple of wintery weeks Evergreen Landscaping have been out along the causeway doing just that - planting the rain gardens, the finishing touch to the Coastal Pathway. Why bother with plants at all?