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Our work

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 Our Goal: Creating resilient infrastructure that gives people security and confidence in the future of Christchurch.


SCIRT's role is to repair the publicly-owned, earthquake damaged pipes, roads, and bridges in Christchurch by the end of 2016. Our work is laying the new foundations for the city and it will allow the vertical rebuild to take place. Rebuilding this infrastructure is likely to cost around $2 billion dollars.

We are rebuilding to the same level of infrastructure service that existed before the earthquakes. Wherever we can, we are improving the standard of the infrastructure with modern materials and designs. In most cases, we improve the infrastructure's strength if we can, so that it can stand up better if there are severe earthquakes in the future.

Repairing the city is a huge and exciting task. A programme of this size is unprecedented in New Zealand and it has created many employment opportunities. We have also taken the opportunity to raise the bar in the construction industry which includes, but is not limited to, new safety regulations and standards.

We believe all harm is preventable. We can only accept a target of zero for injury rates. A zero harm culture means we are always considering safety and acting safely.

Read more about how we plan our work here.