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Pressure wastewater timeline

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October 2013:

The Christchurch City Council rescinded its decision to install pressure wastewater in ten areas of the city. This took into account a High Court judgment relating to the Council’s decision to install a pressure wastewater system in the Richmond area. The Court found the decision was flawed because the Council did not consult with property owners before making the decision.

Of the ten areas across Christchurch, eight of these were recorded as being areas where no work to install the system had begun and no consents had been received. The other two areas are in Parklands and were subject to a legal challenge.

December 2013:

SCIRT, on the Council’s behalf, completed a consultation process with property owners and residents in these ten areas about the different wastewater systems and what was proposed for their area.

Information was sent to each property owner and resident regarding their area. It was asked that all feedback be provided by 5pm Thursday 19 December 2013. 

February 2014:

SCIRT presented the community feedback to Council officers.

June 2014:

The Council made decisions about the final wastewater repair solution for the following areas:

Menlo Terrace, SCIRT ID 10942 (Mt Pleasant): pressure wastewater

Broad Street, SCIRT ID 11048 (Woolston): pressure wastewater

July 2014:

The Christchurch City Council changed how SCIRT was to install pressure wastewater systems. The Council made the change after considering legal advice on a District Court decision. The Council decided to give people choices, depending on feasibility

The choices at that time were:

  1. Have a tank installed on private property, or
  2. Connect to a tank installed in Council land, or
  3. Install an alternative system (at the property owner’s cost).

Property owners were able to choose to connect the electricity for the tank to their own power supply (and receive a rates remission to cover the average annual cost of the power used) or could choose to have it connected to the street supply. (See October 2014 for further details.)

August 2014:

The Council wrote a letter to property owners in the Parklands and North New Brighton areas, advising that more investigation work will be carried out by SCIRT to help inform a final decision on the wastewater repair solution for these areas.

October 2014:

Following exhaustive research it was determined that the cost associated with installing tanks in Council land is prohibitive and ‘not feasible’ when there is a limited amount of funding available for the rebuild. More information is included in the attached document on this page.

July 2015:

The organisations funding SCIRT’s work (Christchurch City Council, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, and New Zealand Transport Agency) made a decision about the wastewater repairs for the Parklands and North New Brighton community. They considered:

  • the consultation feedback provided by the community late 2013.
  • the pipe damage and land conditions in the area with the current ‘design guidelines’. These guidelines are given to SCIRT to use to decide what damage is minor and okay to leave for now, and what damage has to be fixed.
  • how best to meet all the city’s needs, including earthquake repairs waiting to be fixed, with available funding.

A decision was made not to further extend the pressure wastewater network in the Parklands and North New Brighton area. The damaged gravity wastewater system will be repaired and the community will keep its current mix of gravity and pressure wastewater systems. A letter was sent to affected property owners.

Read more about the different types of wastewater systems here.

If you require further information, please contact us: [email protected]