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Frequently Asked Questions - employment

What kinds of training programmes are on offer?
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Specific training information is provided through the participant organisations.

However, we expect there to be a coordinated approach across the industry targeted at up-skilling and providing opportunities for locals to enter the construction industry.

How many jobs are out there?
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We expect that at the peak of construction there will be about 2000 people working on the horizontal infrastructure alone.

How long will rebuild jobs last?
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One of our key objectives is to build a sustainable industry in Christchurch and New Zealand for the future.

We expect the rebuild to take five to seven years. We are building capability now and expect the level of work to peak in about two years. This level of work is expected to be maintained in years three, four and five, then begin to decline in years six and seven.

What skills are needed for the rebuild?
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We need workers with all levels of expertise: labourers, engineers, plant operators, administrators, communications, estimators, safety coordinators, tradespeople, project managers, drain layers and supervisors.

Can I get a job with SCIRT?
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SCIRT will require a significant human resources and will be recruiting people through the participant organisations.

If you are interested in being part of this unique opportunity talk to the participant organisations.