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Frequently Asked Questions - roads

Will you repair the road once the adjacent retaining wall is repaired?
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In most cases, once the retaining wall is repaired the road above or below will be repaired.

Why are there so many 30 km/h speed limits in place?
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Lower speed limits are in place on roads in some earthquakes-damaged areas. This is to prevent any further deterioration in road surface and because excess speed and uneven surfaces can shake nearby houses. The reduced speed limit will remain in place until the road has been repaired.

What effect will the infrastructure rebuild have on roads?
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We've repaired some roads only temporarily to make them passable. There will be many more permanent repairs required to roads in future, once the pipes beneath the roads have been repaired. It is important to be on the lookout for changed conditions. Be a responsible road user by:

  • being on the look out for cyclists who may not be able to keep so far left
  • keeping at or below the current speed limits
  • slowing down when passing other road users
  • looking ahead for upcoming obstacles
  • indicating intentions to others earlier
  • allowing extra time in case of detours or heavy traffic.