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Frequently Asked Questions - safety

Will I be safe in my home while you are repairing the retaining wall?
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Safety is SCIRT's number one priority. In some areas the work will be fenced off to restrict access to the work area to authorised people. We ask you to stay clear of work sites and keep children and pets at a safe distance. Prior to construction beginning SCIRT will work with you to ensure you are safe in your home during the rebuild of the retaining wall. If it is decided that it is not safe to be in your home during construction, SCIRT will work with you to find alternative accommodation.

How will you manage the traffic during the rebuild of retaining walls?
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A Traffic Management Plan will be put in place for each work site when traffic is affected. The goal with temporary traffic management is to strike a balance between safety and convenience. While safety around SCIRT worksites is the number one priority, it is also important to minimise disruption to residents and road users.

A number of temporary traffic changes will be needed where walls are being rebuilt, mainly for the safety of workers and the community. This may include temporary road closures and detours. On street parking may be reduced where work is underway.