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What happens with traffic when you are working in my area?

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Given the size of the infrastructure rebuild it is likely that the impacts on the traffic network will be both citywide, i.e. covering a wider area, and localised, i.e. confined to a specific street. SCIRT works closely with the asset owners Christchurch City Council and New Zealand Transport Agency in its planning and prioritisation process and carefully considers the sequence of work and other rebuild projects to minimise the impacts on traffic where possible.

You will need to keep informed of traffic issues both citywide and locally. Look out for traffic information on the website which shows major works, road closures and events. This information will help you find the quickest and safest route around the city. Also, if there are rebuild works proposed in your street, look out for the works notice you will receive before the construction begins. This notice will outline any temporary traffic changes in your street during construction. We ask that you take care when driving through the city, particularly around work areas, and be aware of any temporary traffic management.