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Building Blocks: Hidden City

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Building Blocks: Hidden City, explores the fascinating water supply and wastewater networks in Christchurch, providing an insight into how it all works. This short film, presented by Safety Sam (our local DJ “Bondy” from More FM), explains how we get clean and safe water and, if you are brave enough to watch, uncovers the mysteries of where wastewater goes. The film also includes the work currently being undertaken by SCIRT (Stronger Christchurch infrastructure Rebuild Team), who have been tasked with the repair of the earthquake damaged infrastructure in Christchurch. This is a must watch for inquisitive minds who want to find out more about our hidden city!

The film is inspired by Philip Wilkins, a civil engineer who is trying to open the eyes of his son to how a city functions and what Dad does when he goes to work. This is primarily an educational video for children who want to understand the exciting world of engineering. It is also intended to promote the industry and create awareness of the work civil engineers do. Enjoy!