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Sustainability practices

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Resource consents

We sometimes need to seek resource consents for our work. Resource consents are granted by local councils. They give authorities a way to monitor and manage environmental impacts and safeguard our environment.

Christchurch City Council already holds pre-earthquake consents for some works in waterway banks and beds. These are known as global consents and can be applied across the city. Even so, SCIRT has a legal obligation to notify various parties before using global consents.

Global consents help us to streamline our operations, improving the value for money of our rebuild work. They are useful in situations where the same sorts of work has similar impacts. We are looking for more opportunities to use global consents to help us rebuild more efficiently.

Cultural sensitivity

Some of our planned rebuild activities may impact on cultural values. For example, we may be required to discharge construction site water. We use our existing relationships with tangata whenua when there is a possibility that activities in our work will adversely impact cultural values.

Archaeological concerns

Where rebuilding activity could disturb an archaeological site, we follow the process to obtain an Archaeological Authority. These help identify archaeological concerns in Christchurch and Lyttelton. They are accompanied by detailed geospatial information (mapping) to assist our rebuild planners to avoid or reduce disturbance to material.

Consent training

Our design and Delivery Teams are trained to help them understand and better follow resource consents, archaeological processes, and cultural impacts.

Ongoing monitoring and auditing

Our Delivery Teams are from single partner organisations and follow their own proven methods to account for sustainability. It is a benefit of keeping alliance Delivery Teams within their own partner organisations that they can work to their talents and with familiar and proven processes.

As an alliance, we are developing ways to validate the Delivery Team processes against our own requirements, including sustainability guidelines.