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Grants Road and Proctor Street - Papanui - wastewater repairs *Update*

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Replacing sections of the earthquake damaged wastewater main
As early as Wednesday 4 January 2017 for about twelve weeks

Where we are working

Location of works:
Map. Sourced from LINZ data, Crown Copyright reserved. Stage one—about six weeks (red): Grants Road (in and northeast of the intersection with Proctor Street); Stage two—about twelve weeks (bright green): Proctor Street (between 14 and Grants Road, 14 is between Frank Street and Grants Road); Stage three (blue): Grants Road (between Proctor Street and Mary Street).

What we are doing

McConnell Dowell as part of SCIRT continues to replace three sections of the earthquake damaged wastewater main and lateral connections on Proctor Street and Grants Road. SCIRT is on track to largely complete its five year programme of 700 Projects by December 2016. SCIRT will be finishing off a small number of projects over the summer of which this is one.

Stage one and stage two: This work will extend into early 2017 as we have discovered additional work that needs to be completed. In construction below ground, you often find things are more complicated than originally thought and opportunities to fix something else very economically while you are there. It makes sense for SCIRT to do the additional work that's now been identified, while we are on the job. On Friday 23 December 2016 our crews will take a break for Christmas, we will reinstate the road and vehicle access will be returned to properties while we are away.

When we return in the new year we will continue to complete the remaining work on stage one and stage two. Stage one should take about six weeks to complete and stage two should take about twelve weeks to complete. We will commence work on Wednesday 4 January 2017. The same closures and vehicle access restrictions will be in place.

Stage three will involve the same work and processes, therefore we will need to put in place a road closure for this stage too. We will inform you when this closure will be put in place.

Resident Access

While these road closures are in place some residents will lose access to their driveways. Those residents will be required to park further down the street and outside of the road closure so that they are not blocked in by our works. You may notice more vehicles parked in the street while this work is being completed. If your access is affected, you will be contacted by our team.

Traffic Impacts

We will do our best to keep traffic impacts down to a minimum. This means reducing our work site where possible and keeping you informed of our traffic plans. Please be aware of changes to the regular traffic patterns, follow all traffic signs and drive to the conditions.

Timber piling

Timber piling involves driving timber piles into the ground to build a support for the new pipe being laid. These piles will be vibrated into place.

Nearby residents may experience some ground-borne noise and vibration during the installation period. The levels of vibration within the homes are well below the level that can cause damage to homes or properties. Some residents may detect a vibration level in the home that can rattle a window or crockery on shelves.

Please remember to remove any breakables from shelves or higher surfaces which may move as a result of increased vibration levels.

Other impacts

Open trenching for this work will also mean we require dewatering equipment due to high groundwater levels in the area. In order to divert the flows from our work area we will also have over pumping systems in place.

Dewatering and over pumping are used to keep the work area safe and dry for our workers. They do make noise, however, they will be monitored to make sure they meet council standards.

As with any work of this nature there will be some noise, dust and vibration. We will do our best to minimise these by using noise controls, spraying down the work site and using dust suppressing equipment during any cutting operations.

We understand that our repair work creates challenges for those who live and work in the areas where we are working. McConnell Dowell as part of SCIRT would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents in the area for your patience and understanding while we are working in your neighbourhood.

Safety is our number one priority. Safety is your responsibility too. Stay clear and stay alert—keep children and pets at a safe distance from the work site.

Our standard work hours are Monday to Friday between the hours of 7am and 6pm. We may also need to work on weekends to carry out essential work.

Need more information?

Contact the McConnell Dowell Infrastructure Rebuild Team

0508 718 719 (8.30am–5pm, Monday–Friday). Emergency calls will be diverted outside these hours.
[email protected]

Start date: 
Wed, 04/01/2017
Project numbers: