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Woodham Road - Linwood - wastewater repairs *Update*

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McConnell Dowell continues with wastewater repairs on Woodham Road.

On Thursday night 15 December 2016 we will be adjusting an inflated bung in the collector main pipe. This is required for us to be able to complete the crack repairs we are doing inside the trunk main pipe on Woodham Road. We need to do these works when the flows are lower between 10pm and 7am.

You may see us on Woodham Road near the intersection with Carnarvon Street. We will be there for up to one night between 10pm and 7am. We will be working from the manhole at the intersection with Carnarvon Street. There will be turning and parking restrictions in place. Our work will not restrict vehicle access to properties. Please follow all on-site signage.

There will be increased noise associated with these works. There will be pumps running and high-pressure hoses used for cleaning the pipe. We will do our best to keep noise to a minimum. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we carry out this essential work.

Should you have any questions about our work please call the McConnell Dowell Infrastructure Rebuild Team Freephone on 0508 718 719 or email [email protected]

Start date: 
Thu, 15/12/2016
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