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Eveleyn Couzins Avenue and North Avon Road - Richmond - wastewater - Upcoming night works - Project *Update*

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Further to the work notice you may have received on Friday 9 December 2016, we have now removed the bypass wastewater pipe at the intersection of Eveleyn Couzins Avenue and North Avon Road. This weekend we will be removing the sheet piles and getting the site ready to be backfilled.

  • This work will be underway on Saturday 17 December and Sunday 18 December 2016 between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:00 pm.

  • A second crew will be working night works on Sunday 18 December and Monday 19 December 2016, between the hours of 7:00 pm and 6:00 am. This is to ensure the work is undertaken as quickly as possible.

    We apologise for any disruption caused by this work and thank you for your patience and understanding while this essential earthquake repair work is underway.

Night work—what to expect

  • There will be some extra noise generated while the work is being undertaken, from machinery movements and the crew working at this time.
  • You may notice some extra light coming from the street, this is because our crew need good lighting to carry out the work efficiently.
  • We understand that night works can be more disruptive for residents, so we will complete the work as quickly as we can.
  • See the picture for an example of one of our night work sites:
    Picture: photograph of a night work site.

Information on sheet piling

  • During the removal of the sheet piles, you may experience an increase in the noise level. This s due to the machinery used. We apologise for any disruption this work may cause you. We will do our best to limit the level of noise coming from the work area. If you have any concerns during this time, please call us on 0800 444 919.
  • Talk to us at Fletcher on 0800 444 919
  • Contact us
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Sat, 17/12/2016
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