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Edgeware Road - St Albans / Edgeware - wastewater trunk main - Weekend

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Dear resident, we are making good progress with our work repairing the wastewater trunk main in Edgeware Road. However, we have come across difficult ground conditions and have now found evidence of road subsidence that we need to repair now, so the situation does not get any worse.

We will urgently undertake this work on Sunday 22 January 2017. The crew will be working East / West across the Madras Street intersection, within the trench along Edgeware Road.

  • The hours of work will be between 9:00am and 5.00pm.
  • The work will generate noise from the heavy machinery being used.
  • We apologise for the disruption this work may cause to you over the weekend. We will do our best to limit the level of noise coming from the work area.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while this essential work is underway in your street.

Stage 2

  • Edgeware Road and Madras Street intersection is now closed.
  • Please keep in mind that our programme is weather dependent and we will work as quick as we can to reopen this intersection.
  • Signed detours routes will remain in place and please look out for changes to our traffic management.

Map 1: Traffic Stage 2.
Map 1. Area of work (blue): Road Closed: Edgeware Road (at the eastern side of the intersection with Lindsay Street, at the western side of the intersection with Allard Street) and Madras Street (adjacent to Edgeware Road); Open for business: northern side of Edgeware Road (between Madras Street and Allard Street), and southwestern corner of Madras Street/Edgeware Road.
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Sun, 22/01/2017
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