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Dyers Pass Road, Cashmere. Wastewater repairs

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What: Segment repair to waste water pipe.

Where: Outside # 31 Dyers Pass Road.

When: As early as Sunday 5 March 2017 for about three nights.  


What we are doing

  • As early as Sunday 5 March 2017, McConnell Dowell as part of SCIRT will begin replacing a section of damaged wastewater pipe in the road outside 31 Dyers Pass Road. 
  • This work will take place at night between the hours of 7.00pm and 6.00am. This should take about three nights to complete and is subject to favourable on-site and weather conditions.
  • Due to the high volume of traffic and  high flow levels during the day, we will need to complete this work at night. In order to manage the flows we will be using sucker trucks that will be accessing the pipe from the manhole outside 35 Dyers Pass Road.
  • There will be increased noise associated with these works. We will do our best to keep noise to a minimum.

Traffic impacts 



Start date: 
Sun, 05/03/2017
Project numbers: