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Keyes Road - New Brighton - gravity wastewater renewal

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Replacing the earthquake damaged gravity wastewater main and wastewater laterals.
Keyes Road between Hawke Street and Pratt Street.
Monday 22 April to early October 2013.
Open trenching.
Traffic management:
Keyes Road will be reduced to one traffic lane between Pratt Street and Hawke Street. Keyes Road will be closed to eastbound traffic with a detour in place via Pratt Street and New Brighton Road. The intersection of Lonsdale Street and Keyes Road will be closed whilst work is taking place in front of the intersection.

Where we are working

Map. Wastewater main to be replaced (red dashes): part Keyes Road including intersection with Lonsdale Street; Wastewater laterals to be replaced(red dotted lines): many along Keyes Road. Sourced from LINZ data, Crown Copyright reserved.

Traffic impact

  • Keyes Road is to receive a new gravity wastewater main which will be constructed using conventional open trenching methods. This will impact on traffic with lane and road closures.
  • There will be no access to Lonsdale Street from Keyes Road when work is taking place near this intersection.
  • Keyes Road, between Pratt Street and Hawke Street will be closed to eastbound traffic. Westbound traffic operates as usual. Keyes Road eastbound traffic will need to detour via Pratt Street, New Brighton Road and Hawke Street.
  • There will be no parking on Keyes Road within the works area on either side of the road.
  • The bus stop near 383 Keyes Road will be relocated to a temporary bus stop outside 325 Keyes Road. The bus stop near 378 Keyes Road will now be relocated to a temporary bus stop131 Hawke Street.
  • Please contact Fulton Hogan on 0800 2773434 if you have specific access requirements that we need to consider, e.g. nurse/doctor visits, Meals–on–Wheels, or planned works on your property.
  • Vehicle access to property will remain where it is safe and possible for us to do so. If the worksite is directly in front of your property, your access may be temporarily affected. We will leave an 'Access Restriction' notice in your letterbox before work starts if vehicle access to your property will not be possible.
Detour map. Detour route for eastbound  traffic on Keyes Road (yellow arrows): Pratt Street (from Keyes Road) to Hawke Street; Detour route for Lonsdale Street traffic (blue arrows): Shaw Avenue to Lonsdale Street; Keyes Road westbound traffic (green arrow); Work site (red): Keyes Road. Also identified on the map is Seaview Road.

General Impact

  • There will be increased noise, dust and vibration levels associated with this work, and the use of trucks, compactors, diggers, and pumps will be necessary.
  • A dewatering pump will be running 24 hours a day.
  • Works will have no planned impact on current power, telecommunication, wastewater, water or gas services. However, the network is still fragile so please be prepared in case there is an unexpected service cut off.
  • Works will take place between 7.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, with Saturday work if required.
  • Safety is our number one priority. Safety is your responsibility too. Stay clear and stay alert. Keep children and pets at a safe distance from the work site. Keep your vehicle safe by locking it and removing any valuable items.
  • All works are subject to favourable weather and on-site construction conditions.

Need more information?

Phone: 0800 277 34 34 (8.30am–5.00pm Monday–Friday)
Email: [email protected]
Website: Visit
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Start date: 
Mon, 22/04/2013
End date: 
Sun, 13/10/2013
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