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Cunningham Terrace - Lyttelton - retaining wall repair *Update*

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SCIRT is progressing well with the repairs to the retaining walls on Cunningham Terrace.

When the temporary concrete blocks were removed, holding the lower wall at 17 Cunningham Terrace (leading to the walkway Joyce Street), we checked levels and offsets. Additional work is now needed to rebuild and support this wall. A redesign is in progress while we continue our work on the walls.

Asbestos has also been found behind the retaining wall. Work has been temporarily paused while the asbestos is investigated and removed by a specialist crew.

We hope to have the redesign in two months' time. We will keep you updated when we have the design or when this possibly delays our repair programme. Please contact us on 0800 277 3434 if you have any questions about this work.

Start date: 
Mon, 30/05/2016
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