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Sumner Road - Lyttelton - retaining wall repairs - stage three and five *Update*

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Retaining wall repairs
Sumner Road stage 3 and stage 5
Ongoing until November 2016

This notice is an update for an earlier notice.


Map. Sourced from LINZ data, Crown Copyright reserved. Only seven anchors left to install on Wall 1—in front of 31–45 Sumner Road (bright blue)—Poor ground conditions originally delayed our work on wall 1, the design was changed to mitigate poor conditions which also resulted in extra excavation works. Only 15 metres of wall 1 is left to be constructed, which will be followed by backfilling and drainage; Wall 2—in front of 47–53 Sumner Road (yellow)—is progressing well. All anchors have been installed and excavation is complete. Next week we will start installing the 34 precast panels; Wall 3—in front of 51–61 Sumner Road (red)—is complete. Unfortunately, due to the construction of wall 2, we are unable to open the ramp leading to properties 49–61 Sumner Road. This will be opened as soon as safely possible; Sumner Road stage four (bright green): is complete; 31 Sumner Road is north of 61; Stage 4 is northwest of Wall 1, and opposite wall 1. Sumner Road stage 5 (orange) is complete.

Stormwater drainage repairs

On 22 August, storm water drainage repairs will begin on the ramp that is currently closed outside of 35 Sumner Road. This will take around one month. Following this we will spend around three weeks rebuilding the ramp, and hope to reopen the ramp following this as soon as safely possible.

Sumner Road Stage 5

Sumner Road Stage five is complete. Wall 1 involved installing 53 soil nails, shotcreting, and facing with in situ concrete.
Photograph of wall 1. Photograph of wall 1.

Wall 2 involved installing a precast concrete panel and a rockfall fence:
Photograph of wall 2.

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Start date: 
Fri, 12/08/2016
End date: 
Wed, 30/11/2016
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