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Reserve Terrace - Lyttelton - Retaining wall repairs *Update*

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Commencement of stage 4 repairs.
#Between # 43 Sumner Road and # 17 Reserve Terrace.
Starting Wednesday 14 September 2016 for about one month.

Map 1: Location of work. Sourced from LINZ data, Crown Copyright reserved. Stage 1 and 2 completed repairs (blue): western side of Reserve Terrace (at 29B and 27); Stage 3 repairs in progress (yellow): western side of Reserve Terrace (at and adjacent south of 23; the rear of 43 Sumner Road is adjacent south of 23 Reserve Terrace); Stage 4 repairs to be made (pink): western side of Reserve Terrace (at 17); Closure (purple): Reserve Terrace (between 31 and Randolph Terrace; 31 is adjacent north of 29B, and 31 is between Randolph Terrace and Watsons Lane); Road closed sign: Reserve Terrace (at 31, and at the northern side of the intersection with Randolph Terrace).


We are 35% through the Reserve Terrace retaining wall repairs.

What we are doing

  • As you may know Downer, as a part of SCIRT, is repairing earthquake damaged, publicly owned retaining walls on Reserve Terrace in Lyttelton.
  • So far, stages 1 and 2 of the repairs have been completed.
  • Stage 3 of the repairs began the week of Monday 22 August 2016 and will continue for another three weeks.
  • Stage 4 repairs will begin on Wednesday 14 September, subject to favourable on-site and weather conditions.
  • Work will begin at property # 43 Sumner Road and extend to the property border of #17 and #13 Reserve Terrace. See Map 1 for location of work.
  • The temporary platform along the worksite will be moved along the road.
  • We may need to conduct a structural assessment of your property before we start any excavation work and begin to remove the existing retaining wall. These will be conducted by Maynard Marks Property and Building Consultants. You will be notified prior to these property assessments commencing.

Traffic impacts

  • The section of the road between # 31 and # 13 will remain closed to traffic for the remainder of the repairs.
  • Residents with restricted parking will have relief parking available for use near our site compound on Reserve Terrace. Refer to Map 2 for location of relief parking.
  • No-parking cones will remain in place. Please do not park next to these cones or work may be delayed.

Map 2: Site Compound and relief parking. Sourced from LINZ data, Crown Copyright reserved. Designated turning point: northern side of southern bend of Reserve Terrace (south of Timeball Station); Staff and relief parking: adjacent northeast of turning point; Fenced site compound: adjacent northeast of  parking.

What our work looks like

Platform set-up. Retaining wall installation.

General Information

  • Please contact Downer on 0800 400 310 if you have any specific access requirements that we need to consider e.g. large vehicle deliveries, rubbish collection, or planned works on your property.
  • There will be increased noise, dust and vibration levels associated with this work.
  • Works will have no planned impact on current power, telecommunication, water or gas services. However, the network is still fragile so please be prepared in case there is an unexpected service cut off.
  • All works are subject to favourable weather and on-site construction conditions.
  • Safety is our number one priority. Safety is your responsibility too. Stay clear and stay alert—keep children and pets at a safe distance from the work site.

Need more information?

Contact Downer on 0800 400 310 or [email protected]

Start date: 
Thu, 15/09/2016
Project numbers: