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Pages Road - Aranui / Bexley - wastewater main replacement and road reconstruction

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Replacement of the gravity wastewater main and full road reconstruction
Pages Road, between Anzac Drive and Shuttle Drive (Cowles Stadium)
Monday 3 October 2016 for about 12 weeks

This notice is an update for an earlier notice.

In this notice

Where we are working

Map 1. © OpenStreetMap contributors. Gravity wastewater replacement (light blue): southeastern side of Pages Road (adjacent southwest of Anzac Drive); Full road reconstruction (red): Pages Road (between Rowan Avenue and Anzac Drive); Kerb, channel and storm water repairs (dark green): northwestern side of Pages Road (between Portchester Street and Anzac Drive); Road resurfacing (purple): Pages Road (between Cowles Stadium and Rowan Avenue, including through the intersection with Breezes Road); Detour (pink dashed): Breezes Road (between Pages Road and Wainoni Road) and Wainoni Road (between Breezes Road and Anzac Drive) and Anzac Drive (between Wainoni Road and pages Road); Current one-way (orange arrows): southeastwards along Breezes Road (from pages Road); One way (yellow arrows): southwestwards along Pages Road (from Anzac Drive to Breezes Road, including through the intersection with Rowan Avenue).

What we are doing

The City Care SCIRT team will be replacing a wastewater main and carrying out road surface work on Pages Road, between Anzac Drive and Shuttle Drive (near Cowles Stadium), from Monday 3 October 2016 until mid-December 2016.

Wastewater replacement

  • City Care, as part of SCIRT, is replacing the earthquake damaged gravity wastewater main on Pages Road, between Anzac Drive and Farnborough Street. This wastewater pipe is not part of the new vacuum wastewater system. It is the main wastewater pipe that services the New Brighton area.
  • As part of this work we will be open trenching to install the new pipe. This involves excavating a section of the road about two metres wide and up to three metres deep to access the damaged pipe.
  • Due to the ground conditions we need to secure these trenches by using a technique called sheet piling. Nearby residents may experience ground-borne noise and vibrations during the installation of sheet piles.
  • We will also be using dewatering pumps due to high ground water levels in the area. The pump is used to keep the trench dry.

Roading and kerb, channel and storm water

  • We will be fully reconstructing Pages Road between Anzac Drive and Rowan Avenue and resurfacing the road between Rowan Avenue and Shuttle Drive (Cowles Stadium).
  • The current road surface on Pages Road in this section was a temporary seal to allow the trench to settle after our vacuum wastewater work last year.
  • Our kerb, channel and storm water repair work will continue along Pages Road, from Anzac Drive to Rowan Avenue.
  • There will be road closures at the Pages Road intersections as we work past. We will notify you before these closures are put in place and signage will be in place.

Road reconstruction stages

  • The first stage of road reconstruction is milling of the road. During milling you can expect loud noise and increased levels of dust.
  • The second stage will be preparing the road. This stage will be less disruptive.
  • The final stage is sealing the road with new asphalt.
  • All works are subject to favourable weather and on-site construction conditions.

Traffic impacts

  • A one-way system heading west (towards the city) will be in place on Pages Road, between Anzac Drive and Breezes Road.
  • A detour route will be in place on Breezes Road to Wainoni Road (see Map 1).
  • There will be no on-street parking in the work area. Please follow site signage.
  • For residents living in Pages Road please take care when exiting your driveway and travel in the correct direction.
  • Driveway access on Pages Road will be unavailable when we are working directly in front of your driveway. We will let you know the day before to allow you time to move your car.

Reasons why we are putting in the one-way

  • To access and work in the trench there needs to be enough space for health and safety reasons—for the safety of workers and road users.
  • The direction of the one-way was chosen so it would not delay buses going into the city.
  • Two-way traffic would take longer to complete this work.
  • To minimise congestion on the side streets off Pages Road.

Yellow Line bus detour map for eastbound travel to New Brighton

Map 2 highlights in purple: Breezes Road (from Pages Road) to Rowses Road to Marlow Road to and through the intersection with Pages Road to Hampshire Street to Wainoni Road to Anzac Drive to Pages Road; Temp stops are Breezes Road (between Pages Road and Lenton Street), Rowses Road (opposite the intersection with Guernsey Street), Marlow Road (between Pages Road and Hampshire Street), Hampshire Street (between Portsmouth Street and Wainoni Road).

For bus information, call Metro on 366 88 55 or visit the Metro website.

General Information

  • We want to stay safe and we want you and your family to be safe too. Please stay alert, drive to the conditions, follow on-site signage.
  • Our standard hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm. Sometimes we will work over the weekend.
  • The work may result in increased dust, noise and vibrations. We will try to keep any disruption to a minimum and we apologise for any inconvenience.
  • All work is subject to favourable weather and on-site construction conditions.
  • Your rubbish and recycling will not change. Please put your bins in the normal spot by 5pm the night before collection and our crew will move and return them if needed.
  • Please contact us on 0800 632 889 if you have any access needs e.g. nurse/doctor visits, Meals on Wheels or planned work on your property.

Thanks | Kia Ora | Fa'afetai

Thank you from the SCIRT team.

Your support is helping us get the job done.

Start date: 
Mon, 03/10/2016
End date: 
Fri, 23/12/2016
Project numbers: