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Hargood Street - Woolston - footpath - kerb and channel and storm water repairs *Update*

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Kerb, channel, footpath and storm water repairs
From October 2016 till mid December

Where we are working

Map. Sourced from OpenStreetMaps. Work area (red): Hargood Street (including through the intersections with Compton Street, Thistledown Place, Oban Place, and passing Woolston Club/Garrick Memorial Park).

What we are doing

  • City Care, as part of SCIRT, has been working in Hargood Street repairing some of the damaged kerb, channel and footpath and parts of the storm water system.
  • We advised residents in early August 2016 this work would take about eight weeks to finish.
  • Due to weather and programming requirements, the repair work in Hargood Street has been delayed. We will now continue the repairs on Hargood Street through to mid December 2016.

How could the work impact you?

  • We expect to maintain two-way traffic during most of our work, except for where roads are very narrow or due to the work involved.
  • At times we may use a priority one-way system or have turning restrictions in place. Please follow on-site signage.
  • To maintain traffic flow, on-street parking will not be available next to our work areas.
  • Access to your driveway may be restricted at times but we will directly notify you before any changes are made. Emergency vehicle access will always be maintained.
  • Footpaths will be closed while repairs are done and some small detours may be necessary. Please follow our signage.

General Information

  • We want to stay safe and we want you and your family to be safe too. Please stay alert, drive to the conditions, follow on-site signage.
  • Our standard hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm. Sometimes we will work over the weekend to finish work.
  • The work may result in increased dust, noise and vibrations. We will try to keep any disruption to a minimum and we apologise for any inconvenience.
  • All work is subject to favourable weather and on-site construction conditions.
  • Your rubbish and recycling will not change. Please put your bins in the normal spot by 5pm the night before collection and our crew will move and return them if needed.
  • Please contact us on 0800 632 889 if you have any access needs e.g. nurse/doctor visits, Meals on Wheels or planned work on your property.

The design guidelines of the SCIRT programme do not allow for new roads to be built in all areas, so not all roads will be resurfaced kerb-to-kerb. Only those roads that were severely damaged in the earthquakes or are critical commuter transport routes are fully rebuilt. This means most roads are patch repaired and the resulting surface may not be totally smooth.

  • Safety is our number one priority. Safety is your responsibility too. Stay clear and stay alert—keep children and pets at a safe distance from the work site. Keep your vehicle safe by locking it and removing any valuables when your car is parked on the street.
  • We will be using construction machinery, concrete saws, compacting machines and other pieces of equipment. The work will result in increased noise, dust and vibration levels.
  • Please take care when crossing roads near our worksites. Talk to our traffic team if you would like help crossing the road.
  • Please contact City care on 0800 632 889 if you have any specific access requirements e.g. Nurse Maude, Meals on Wheels or planned work on your property.

Start date: 
Thu, 06/10/2016
End date: 
Sun, 18/12/2016
Project numbers: