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Avalon Street - Richmond - Storm water pipe relay

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Relaying a section of storm water pipe.
Avalon Street, Richmond.
Starting the week of Monday 17 October for about one week.

Map 1: Location of work—indicative only. Sourced from LINZ data, Crown Copyright reserved. Traffic flow (purple arrows): eastwards along Avalon Street (through the intersection with McLeod Street to 67 Avalon Street, which is adjacent west opposite the intersection with Cumberland Street), westwards along Avalon Street (from the intersection with Avalon Street to and through the intersection with McLeod Street); Detour route (yellow arrows): McLeod Street (from Avalon Street to North Avon Road), North Avon Road (from McLeod Street to Stanmore Road), Stanmore Road (from North Avon Road to Avalon Street), Avalon Street (from Stanmore Road to the intersection with Cumberland Street); No entry (red): northern side of Avalon Street (at 67); No right turn: from Cumberland Street into Avalon Street; Worksite (blue): northern side of Avalon Street 9between 67 and 79, which are opposite through the intersection with Cumberland Street).

What we are doing

  • Downer as part of SCIRT has been repairing the earthquake damaged storm water system in Richmond.
  • To complete these repairs we will be relaying a section of the storm water pipe on Avalon Street, as shown in Map 1.
  • There may be increased noise, dust and vibrations associated with this work.
  • Work will start the week of Monday 17 October and continue for about one week, subject to favourable on-site and weather conditions.

Traffic impacts

  • Westbound traffic will be maintained on Avalon Street between McLeod Street and Stanmore Road.
  • Eastbound traffic along Avalon Street will be detoured via McLeod Street, North Avon Road and Stanmore Road.
  • We will do our best to maintain vehicle access to property numbers 67, 73, 75, 77, 1/79, 2/79, 3/79, and 4/79 Avalon Road. One of our crew will knock on your door if vehicle access is restricted.
  • Pedestrian access to properties will be maintained at all times.
  • There will be no-parking cones around the worksite. Please do not park next to these or work may be delayed.

Need more information?

Contact Downer on 0800 400 310 or [email protected]

Start date: 
Mon, 17/10/2016
Project numbers: