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Voelas Road and Webb Lane - Lyttelton - retaining wall repairs - Completion

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Retaining wall repairs
Voelas Road and Webb Lane, Lyttelton

Map. Sourced from LINZ data, Crown Copyright reserved. Construction on Wall 1 (blue)—Between 19–27 Voelas Road (which are opposite Simeon Quay)—began in early February and was completed mid-September. 85 soil nails were installed and topped with a concrete cantilever wall. Construction on Wall 2 (yellow)—(northern) Corner of 2 Webb Lane—began in early March and was completed early-July. 31 soil nails were installed followed by concrete facing.

Works are complete!

In early February, work began on Voelas Road to repair two earthquake damaged retaining walls.

It wasn't long until the team discovered this was another retaining wall rebuild that wasn't going to be so straight-forward. One of the main challenges the team faced was the ground conditions.

The fill behind the pre-1900s red rock wall was too unstable to be left unsupported. The solution involved stabilising the ground with porous concrete which allows ground water to escape without eroding the existing bank. This allowed the wall to be constructed without any slips occurring.

Thank you for your patience Lyttelton!

Voelas Road Pre-construction

The pre-1900s red rock retaining wall supported by braces and concrete bags due to damage sustained in the earthquakes:
Photograph of braces and concrete bags supporting the old retaining wall.

Voelas Road Construction

The porous concrete constructed to stabilise the slope whilst the retaining wall was built:
Photograph of concrete being used to stabilise slope.

Voelas Road Complete

Photograph of repaired retaining wall.

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Start date: 
Wed, 12/10/2016
End date: 
Wed, 12/10/2016
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