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Repairing the city's state highway network - Information Sheet | March 2013

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This information sheet provides an overview of current and upcoming works. SCIRT will distribute more detailed information when work is about to begin. This will cover the effects of the work, likely timeframes and information about how to find out more about the work.

SCIRT is an alliance of government agencies and construction companies or 'delivery teams'. You can see the agencies that make up SCIRT represented in the logos at the bottom of the page. The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) is the organisation that has the responsibility of managing the State Highway network.

Repairing the city's earthquake damaged infrastructure is a massive task and SCIRT has developed a robust prioritisation process to determine what work comes first. To do this we have to work out which infrastructure is most needed and provides the greatest benefit.

Much of the rebuild work that has been undertaken on infrastructure to date has focussed on repairing the city's critical wastewater network. SCIRT is now turning its attention to repairing strategic transport routes around the eastern parts of the city.

Repairing the state highway network

Work is underway on the repair of the roads and bridges of the state highway network. Completing the rebuild of these strategic routes will allow traffic and business to continue to flow around the city and out to Lyttelton Port of Christchurch.

SCIRT aims to minimise disruption to road users. However a number of these projects will result in longer travel times through these areas while work is underway. We ask for your patience as we undertake this work.

Roadworks = Rebuild!

Bridge repairs

There are a number of state highway road bridges that need to be repaired.

Bridges are significant pieces of infrastructure. Careful planning is needed to enable safe repairs and keep traffic flowing. Depending on the scale of the repair required, it can take anything from a few months to over a year to repair the structure.

Once bridges are repaired, they will be able to operate at full capacity and weight restrictions can be removed.

Planning has also been undertaken for the repair of road bridges outside the State Highway network. Read more about this on our 'Repairing the Avon River road bridges' Information Sheet'.


  Lyttelton area


  Approaches to Lyttelton Tunnel


  Opawa area


  Sydenham area


  Bromley area


  Wainoni/ Aranui area


  Burwood/ Travis area

Street map of Christchurch showing numbered locations of areas of work on the state highways.
  Road/bridge repair project Location Estimated timeframes* Likely impact on traffic flow SCIRT delivery team
* Estimated timeframes as at March 2013 (subject to change)
1 Norwich Quay and Gladstone Quay (SH 74) Lyttelton area April–May 2013 Access will be maintained for traffic travelling in both directions Fulton Hogan
0800 277 3434
2 Tunnel Road – Horotane Overpass (Bridge) (SH 74) Approaches to Lyttelton Tunnel November 2012 – November 2013 Access will be maintained for traffic travelling in both directions Fletcher
0800 444 919
3 Tunnel Road – Port Hills Overpass (Bridge) (SH 74) Approaches to Lyttelton Tunnel July 2013 – October 2014 Access will be maintained for traffic travelling in both directions Fletcher
0800 444 919
4 Brougham Street – Heathcote River Bridge (SH 76) Opawa area November 2012 – October 2013 Access will be maintained for traffic travelling in both directions. Short term detours may be required. Downer
0800 400 310
5 Brougham Street (from Wilsons Road to Antigua Street) (SH 76) Sydenham area To be confirmed To be confirmed McConnell Dowell
0508 718 719
6 Rutherford Street / Palinurus Road (from Garlands Road to Dyers Road) (SH 74A) Opawa area To be confirmed To be confirmed Not allocated
7 Dyers Road (from Ferry Road to Metro Place) (SH 74) Bromley area To be confirmed To be confirmed Not allocated
8 Dyers Road (Metro Place to Breezes Road/Bridge Street) (SH 74) Bromley area April–May 2013 Access will be maintained for traffic travelling in both directions Fulton Hogan
0800 277 3434
9 Bexley Road (from Breezes Road / Bridge Street to Brooke Street) (SH 74) Wainoni / Aranui Area Start late 2013 Access will be maintained for traffic travelling in both directions City Care
0800 632 889
10 Anzac Drive (Pages Road to Hulverstone Road) (SH 74) Wainoni/Aranui area Start mid–late 2014 (to be confirmed) To be confirmed Downer
0800 400 310
11 Anzac Drive Bridge and roundabout (SH 74) Burwood/Travis area Start mid–late 2013 (to be confirmed) Access will be maintained for traffic travelling in both directions Downer
0800 400 310
12 Anzac Drive (New Brighton Road to Travis Road) (SH 74) Burwood/Travis area March 2013 – June 2013 All vehicles, apart from heavy commercial vehicles, will be detoured along New Brighton Road. Heavy vehicles will be escorted through the work site by a pilot vehicle Downer
0800 400 310
13 Travis Road (from Frosts Road to Burwood Road) (SH 74) Burwood/Travis area Start late 2013 (to be confirmed) This is to be confirmed but currently we expect to maintain access for all approaches to the roundabout Downer
0800 400 310

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Managing traffic

SCIRT will try to minimise traffic disruption by keeping the city's strategic routes open as much as possible during construction. However some routes will need to be reduced to one-lane of traffic or closed temporarily for periods throughout the repair process. This may result in traffic delays.

There may need to be temporary detours, traffic lights, and other traffic management in place as this work progresses. The state highway is the primary transport network for heavy commercial vehicles and maintaining efficiency along these corridors is very important. Effective traffic management considers all road users from pedestrians and cyclists to overweight and oversized commercial vehicles. During our work SCIRT will always seek to balance the competing needs of these users whilst acknowledging the strategic function of the particular route.

SCIRT is aware that these detours and traffic changes will affect thousands of people throughout the city. Unfortunately this is an unavoidable part of these vital rebuild works.

Staying informed

We will try to give you as much notice as possible about upcoming changes to traffic conditions. Our aim is to ensure that all major work sites are well communicated so you can make decisions about how, when and where you travel. You can find out about upcoming traffic changes by:

Keep an eye on the SCIRT website. As projects begin our website will provide more detailed information about the work and advice about traffic impacts. We aim to make this information as accessible as possible and, where possible we will make audio visual presentations available online and on disc.

Thank you for slowing down around roadworks

Speed limits help protect workers, people in cars, cyclists and pedestrians and reduce damage to roads and bridges.


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Catch a bus or 366 8855

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Published: 16 March 2013