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Storm water

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We are also rebuilding our city's storm water systems, getting them back to full capacity, making them stronger, and making them easier to maintain. As with wastewater, Christchurch can quickly become unsanitary when the storm water system fails. Furthermore, we become prone to flooding when we can't channel rainwater away.

What exactly is storm water?

Storm water is mostly street drainage from residential and commercial property and public hard surfaces, as a result of rainfall. From properties, it comes from roof guttering into downpipes and also from other private channelling systems. On roads and footpaths, it travels along channels (gutters) into storm water drains.

Storm water is not as clean as many of us expect. Though it arrives with rainwater, it can contain oil and grease, dog faeces, dirt and dust, fine organic matter, and plenty more beside.

Work underway on the storm water network