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Fixing Christchurch's wastewater network is an important part of our rebuild responsibility. Diverting and treating wastewater efficiently is critical to maintaining safe levels of sanitation, and therefore to our health. Without a functioning wastewater system, disease can quickly spread through our city.

What exactly is wastewater?

Wastewater is all the water that goes down a sink or drain.  Wastewater is generated by homes and businesses from toilets, sinks, laundries, dishwashers, showers and baths.  Businesses also generate trade waste from their industrial operations. 

The wastewater network collects and carries the wastewater to the treatment plant at Bromley.  The wastewater network is separate from the stormwater network; which collects the flow from the roof, rainwater drains and gutters.

Wastewater is a distinct system to storm water.

For the latest information about pressure wastewater systems, click here.

Work underway on the wastewater network