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Projects and related works

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SCIRT has started the final big push to finsh its programme of work by the end of 2016. After SCIRT, Christchurch City Council and NZ Transport Agency will continue their programme of ongoing repairs.

Below are updates on our current programme of work. 




Work notices for SCIRT projects

If SCIRT is (or has been) working in your street or a street you are interested in, type the street name into the box below for the latest updates.

Starting Work Description
20 Feb 2017 Reserve Terrace, Lyttelton. Wastewater repairs.
19 Feb 2017 Moorhouse Avenue, Central City. Fresh water repair.
18 Feb 2017 *Update* Edgeware Road, St Albans - wastewater trunk main
17 Feb 2017 North Parade and North Avon Road, Richmond
16 Feb 2017 Bower Avenue, Parklands, traffic island repair
15 Feb 2017 Pages Road/Anzac Drive intersection, Aranui, road repairs
13 Feb 2017 Retreat Road, Avonside. Wastewater main replacement.
13 Feb 2017 Connal Street, Woolston. Wastewater Repairs
13 Feb 2017 Woolston / Linwood wastewater maintenance
13 Feb 2017 Somerfield Street, Somerfield. Wastewater lateral repairs.
10 Feb 2017 Waimea Terrace, Cashmere, wastewater network repairs
7 Feb 2017 *Updated* Avonside / Linwood wastewater maintenance
7 Feb 2017 Update - Beach Road, Parklands, Air Valve installation
6 Feb 2017 Moorhouse Avenue, Central City. Roading, wastewater, storm...
6 Feb 2017 Ferry Road, wastewater repairs
3 Feb 2017 Heathcote Street, St Johns Street and Cob Crescent -...
3 Feb 2017 North Parade and Banks Avenue - Pressure wastewater system...
1 Feb 2017 New Brighton Road , Aranui, decommissioning of the gravity...
31 Jan 2017 North Parade and North Avon Road, Richmond. Night works
31 Jan 2017 Bamford Street, Woolston. Wastewater Repairs
30 Jan 2017 Pump Station 1 - Woodham Road, Linwood. Wastewater main...
30 Jan 2017 Shearwater Drive, Ferrymead, wastewater repairs
29 Jan 2017 Edgeware Road, St Albans - wastewater trunk main. Weekend...
27 Jan 2017 Traffic Alert - Eureka Street, Aranui, chamber reinstatement
26 Jan 2017 Gould Crescent, Woolston, wastewater repairs
26 Jan 2017 Devonport Lane, St Albans, road maintenance
26 Jan 2017 Caledonian Road, St Albans, road maintenance
25 Jan 2017 Proctor Street, wastewater repairs
24 Jan 2017 Ferry Road - Woolston - Wastewater main pipe repairs
24 Jan 2017 Mahars Road - Mairehau - Wastewater pipe lining - Night