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Projects and related Works

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The rebuild is a huge task and not everything can be done at once. Determining the rebuild schedule is a complex and important task. There is a well thought out prioritisation process in place to drive the schedule.

Many things are considered as part of the prioritisation process. Priority is being given to the worst-damaged areas that affect the highest number of people. Find out more about the work schedule by reading the frequently asked questions or reading the media release.

SCIRT's 6 Month Work Schedule will be updated monthly. The 6 Month Work Schedule sets out the projects planned to be in construction in the next 6 months. This schedule is based on the best information available at this time. It is subject to change.  You can download the 6 month work schedule. Before we begin construction on a project we will provide more detailed information in the 'Project info' section.
If you have any specific questions about your street, you can contact us on
Other work happening in the city - An Accessible City 
An Accessible City is being delivered by the Christchurch City Council and Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.
This is the transport chapter of the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan, which aims to improve traffic flow and provide safer, more people-friendly and enjoyable ways for people to get around our Central City. 
In November 2014 the Council approved the first two An Accessible City projects in the Hagley/Moorhouse corner and hospital corner areas. Read the Overview Works Notice
More information about An Accessible City is available at and
Starting Work Description
26 Nov 2014 Bordesley Street - Linwood / Woolston - wastewater renewal
25 Nov 2014 Carlyle Street - Sydenham - wastewater repair
24 Nov 2014 Korora Crescent / Hay Street intersection - Bromley -...
24 Nov 2014 Mackenzie Avenue - Opawa - roading renewal *Update*
24 Nov 2014 Aranui - Vacuum wastewater installation - Project overview
24 Nov 2014 Thorpe Street - Sumner - wastewater repairs
24 Nov 2014 Fendalton Road - Fendalton - bridge repairs
24 Nov 2014 Dyers Pass Road - Cashmere - emergency repairs
24 Nov 2014 Rowan Avenue - Aranui - Vacuum wastewater network
24 Nov 2014 Kinsey Terrace - Clifton - laydown area *Update*
24 Nov 2014 Mackenzie Avenue / Richardson Terrace intersection - Opawa...
24 Nov 2014 Esplanade - Sumner - wastewater repairs
24 Nov 2014 Dyers Road - Bromley - pressure main wastewater work *...
24 Nov 2014 Aldershot Street - Aranui - vacuum wastewater system...
24 Nov 2014 Cambridge Terrace - Central City - storm water renewal
21 Nov 2014 Ferry Road - Phillipstown - road reconstruction
21 Nov 2014 Simeon Quay - Lyttelton - Retaining wall reconstruction -...
21 Nov 2014 Shortland Street - Aranui - vacuum wastewater main...
20 Nov 2014 Aldwins Road and Marcroft Street - Linwood - CCTV...
20 Nov 2014 Leaver Terrace - New Brighton - wastewater repairs
20 Nov 2014 Keswick Street - Opawa - wastewater renewal *Update*
19 Nov 2014 Kahu Road Bridge - Fendalton - bridge repairs *Update*
19 Nov 2014 Wairarapa Terrace - Merivale - Roading *Update*
19 Nov 2014 Medway Street and Woodchester Avenue - Richmond - pressure...
19 Nov 2014 Keyes Road - New Brighton - storm water repairs
18 Nov 2014 Selwyn Street - Addington - wastewater repairs
18 Nov 2014 Armagh Street - Central City - street tree removal *Update*
18 Nov 2014 Young Street - Penrith Avenue - McCombs Street and Woodard...
17 Nov 2014 Mackenzie Avenue - Opawa - storm water repair
17 Nov 2014 Somerfield - wastewater repairs


Zoom out by clicking the (-) button in (top left corner of the map above) to view SCIRT projects displayed by Council Wards. Clicking a ward in the right hand "Work in your area" pane will display all current and future projects in that ward.

Clicking a project title in the right hand pane will centre the map on that project and show you any Work Notices or Work Notice Updates related to that project.