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Projects and related Works

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The rebuild is a huge task and not everything can be done at once. Determining the rebuild schedule is a complex and important task. There is a well thought out prioritisation process in place to drive the schedule.

Many things are considered as part of the prioritisation process. Priority is being given to the worst-damaged areas that affect the highest number of people. Find out more about the work schedule by reading the frequently asked questions or reading the media release.

Schedule of works
SCIRT's 6 Month Work Schedule will be updated quarterly. The 6 Month Work Schedule sets out the projects planned to be in construction in the next 6 months. This schedule is based on the best information available at this time. It is subject to change.  You can download the 6 month work schedule. Before we begin construction on a project we will provide more detailed information in the 'Project info' section.
If you have any specific questions about your street, you can contact us on

Other work happening in the city- An Accessible City 

An Accessible City is being delivered by the Christchurch City Council and Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority. This is the transport chapter of the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan, which aims to improve traffic flow and provide safer, more people-friendly and enjoyable ways for people to get around our Central City. 

The first phase of transport projects have been prioritised to align with the delivery of the key anchor projects: Te Papa Ōtākaro / Avon River Precinct, Health Precinct, East Frame, South Frame and the Bus Interchange.

To date two of the first eight priority projects have been completed: Hagley / Moorhouse Corner and Hospital Corner Stage 1. Three more projects are currently underway:  Colombo Street, Lichfield Street and Tuam Street. The next three projects proposed for Hospital Corner (Stage 2), parts of Durham Street / Cambridge Terrace and parts of Manchester Street have yet to be approved by Council. 

More information about An Accessible City is available at and

Work notices for SCIRT projects

If SCIRT is (or has been) working in your street or a street you are interested in, type the street name into the box below for the latest updates.

Starting Work Description
10 Aug 2015 Division Street / Riccarton Road - Riccarton - wastewater...
10 Aug 2015 Panorama Road - Clifton - fresh water supply repair
10 Aug 2015 Campbell Street - Sumner - wastewater repairs *Update*
8 Aug 2015 Deans Ave / Ayr Street - Riccarton - wastewater section...
6 Aug 2015 Olliviers Road - Linwood - Southern Relief repairs
6 Aug 2015 Travis Country Drive - Burwood - patch kerb - road and...
5 Aug 2015 Mowbray Street - Sydenham / Waltham - roading repairs *...
5 Aug 2015 Reginald Street - Burwood - patch kerb - road and footpath...
5 Aug 2015 Eureka Street - Aranui - vacuum wastewater network
5 Aug 2015 Vivian Street - Burwood - patch kerb - road and footpath...
4 Aug 2015 Bealey Avenue - Central City - wastewater renewal *Update*
3 Aug 2015 Estuary Road - Southshore - storm water replacement
3 Aug 2015 Reserve Close - Woolston - pressure wastewater system...
3 Aug 2015 Rowcliffe Crescent - Linwood - storm water *Update*
3 Aug 2015 Main Road - Redcliffs - wastewater and road repairs
3 Aug 2015 Bealey Avenue - Central City - wastewater renewal
3 Aug 2015 Lenton Street - Aranui - vacuum wastewater system...
3 Aug 2015 Marine Drive - Charteris Bay - Retaining wall renewal -...
3 Aug 2015 Sandown Crescent - Aranui - vacuum wastewater network
3 Aug 2015 Caledonian Road - St Albans - wastewater renewal
3 Aug 2015 Fitzgerald Avenue - Central City - wastewater repairs
3 Aug 2015 Hampshire Street and Portsmouth Street - Aranui - vacuum...
3 Aug 2015 Thorrington and Woodbridge Road - Cashmere - wastewater...
31 Jul 2015 Radiata Avenue and Ingrid Street - Parklands - gravity...
31 Jul 2015 Mattingley Street - Aranui - tree removal
31 Jul 2015 Opawa Road - Waltham - storm water repair *Update*
31 Jul 2015 Quinns Road - Shirley - storm water repairs
31 Jul 2015 Shortland Street - Aranui - Traffic *Update*
30 Jul 2015 Manning Place and Dampier Street - Woolston - sections of...
30 Jul 2015 Stacey Place - Woolston - water pipe installation - Delay